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A&M-Kingsville Students, Faculty Show Off Unusual Talent At Second Ag Olympics

KINGSVILLE - September 16, 2008

Contact: Julie Navejar
julie.navejar@tamuk.edu or 361-593-2590

Students, joined by faculty and staff from the Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, will put away the books, put down their pencils and leave the test tubes in the lab for a little good clean fun.

Well, maybe not so clean.

The second annual Ag Olympics will be held beginning at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18, at the university’s rodeo arena. Each team will consist of at least six members and include one faculty or staff member and will compete in nine events ranging from more traditional events like Wheelbarrow Racing to the more intense Extreme Egg Toss.

The Cow Patty Discus Throw is pretty self explanatory, but the wheelbarrow race is not the traditional event. A real wheelbarrow will be used with one person riding and one person pushing. Following the barrel racing pattern, the pair must stop at the first barrel, where the person inside the wheelbarrow gets out, the person pushing gets in and a third person takes over the pushing. This continues until the entire pattern is complete.

If you think your teenage daughter takes a long time to get dressed, check out the Goat to the Prom race. The goat is not only dressed, but also accessorized by teams before the heat is over. The Greased Pig Catch promises to be really dirty fun. Each team will be required to capture a certain color-marked pig from a mud pit.

In Dart-a-Critter, team members will have to dart three targets from various distances throughout the course. Another throwing event, the Hay Toss, involves throwing a 75-pound square bale of hay for distance. The weak need not apply for this one.

There is no real talent needed for the 75-yard Hay Bale Race, only muscle. Teams have to role a large round hay bale down the 75-yard course. To make matters worse, the normally heavy bales got wet during recent rains, making them even heavier.

New this year is an entry from the university’s Citrus Center in Weslaco, Citrus Golf. Contestants will hit juicy limes with a golf club. Closest to the pin wins.

Events will be held every 30 minutes. Winners will be rewarded with candy ribbons, plus bragging rights for the year.

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