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Texas A&M-Kingsville Offers Shorter Introductory Courses to Students in Spring 2008

KINGSVILLE - December 12, 2007

Contact: Jason Marton
jason.marton@tamuk.edu or 361-593-4143

New program cuts required time in half to help students’ academic progress

To help keep students moving forward in their studies, Texas A&M University-Kingsville is providing them a chance to finish some required courses in just half a semester.

The history, math and language and literature departments of Texas A&M University-Kingsville are giving students who dropped college algebra, introductory history or introductory English courses in fall 2007 the option of taking full credit, 8-week versions in the second half of the spring 2008 semester. That’s half the time of a typical 16-week course.

Starting in fall 2008, all students will be eligible to take the 8-week courses.

According to Dr. Brenda Melendy, associate professor and chair of the history department, the shorter classes were designed to increase academic progress among students. Academic progress is one of the conditions students need to meet to continue being eligible for financial aid.

“For this first round of shortened classes, we want to keep students who have dropped courses on track with their education. Beyond that, the classes are for the motivated student ready to complete their degree requirements.”

Melendy emphasizes that the curricula for the shortened courses is the same as for full-length classes. “Similar to condensed summer school courses, the 8-week classes will meet for longer class periods, three times a week, than the courses that are part of our regular 16-week semesters,” said Melendy.  “This is how we can help our students move through these classes in half the time without any changes in the quality of instruction or academic rigor.”

Eligible students can sign up for 8-week spring 2008 classes from Feb. 4-March 12. Available classes are Math 1314, English 1301 and History 1302.

The first day of class for the 8-week courses is March 10.

More information is available from the departments of history at 361-593-3608,
mathematics at 361-593-2235 and language and literature at 361-593-2518.

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