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Winners announced for Science Olympiad

KINGSVILLE - March 02, 2007

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San Antonio’s McCollum wins high school division; Corpus Christi’s Flour Bluff and Austin’s Harmony Science Academy tie for first in middle school competition

KINGSVILLE, Texas (March 2, 2007) — Winners have been announced for the South Texas Science Olympiad by the Special Programs Upward Bound Math and Science unit at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

McCollum High School in San Antonio placed first in the high school division. Laredo’s Magnet for Engineering and Technology was second and Bishop High School was third.

There was a tie for first place in the junior high school division between Flour Bluff Junior High School in Corpus Christi and Harmony Science Academy in Austin. Harmony Science Academy in San Antonio was second.
Individual high school winners include:

First – Jose Diaz and Edgar Martinez, Laredo
Second – Elijah Tienda and Severiano Mata, McCollum

Robot Ramble

First –Severiano Mata, McCollum
Second – Devin Arzola-DeAngelo, McCollum

Rocks and Minerals

First – Denise Garcia and Samantha Ocura, McCollum
Second – Cory Scarborough and Jason Ortegon, Bishop
Third – Sabas Perez and Rosalyn Aguinaldo, H.M. King High School, Kingsville

Designer Genes

First – Jennifer Guzman and Adam Espinoza, McCollum
Second – Elizabeth Johnsey and Veronica Cruz, Bishop
Third – Misael Flores and Ismael Solalinde, Laredo

Disease Detective

First – Grisela Alfaro and John Mejorado, Laredo
Second – Sarah Martinez and Juan Torrez, Kingsville
Third – Sergio Benitez and Alfredo Perez, Laredo

Chemistry Lab

First – William Lukefahr and Domingo Perez, Kingsville
Second – Christina Kellum and Mark Ponce, McCollum
Third – Daniel Joe Salazar and James Sanchez, Bishop

Health Science

First – Hilda Fernandez and Robert Martinez, Laredo
Second – Ross Chavez and Bhavik Jiva, Bishop
Third – Alejandra Ovando and Alfredo Perez, Laredo


First – Denise Garcia and Samantha Ochoa, McCollum
Second – Marisol Perez and Procopio Herrera, Laredo
Third – Marco Vedia and Amanda Dilley, Laredo

Write It Do It

First – Rian Scarborough and Cory Scarborough, Bishop
Second – Eduardo Rodriguez and Edward Davila, McCollum
Third – Raymundo DeHoyos and Omar Garza, Laredo

Individual middle school winners include:

Tower Building

First – Rodolfo Pina and Joshua Rios, Harmony-San Antonio
Second – Adoree Del Toro and Hassan Tahir, Harmony-Austin
Third – April Furman and McKenzie Rasnick, Flour Bluff

Science Crime Busters

First – Wesley Williams and Destiny Garcia, Flour Bluff
Second – Christina Rice and Bryanna Estrada, Harmony-Austin
Third – Veronica Chavez Botello and Manssa Hunt, Harmony-San Antonio

Storm the Castle

First – Kenneth Knight and Spencer Roberts, Flour Bluff
Second – Justin Vela and Calvin Ward, Harmony-San Antonio
Third – Sonny Cabrera and Charlie Lincoln, Harmony-Austin

Metric Mastery

First – Jorge Borilla and A.J. Clark, Harmony-San Antonio

Write It Do It

First – Kim Kasperitis and Alex Marr, Flour Bluff
Second – Hannah Sanchez and Chelsie Martinelli, Harmony-San Antonio
Third – Andy Lai and Ahmad Akid, Harmony-Austin

Wheeled Vehicle

First – Joshua Rios and Selsuk Kahramanoglu, Harmony-San Antonio
Second – Kevin Saucedo and Dana Ruffalo, Harmony-Austin
Third – Christian Harper and Anthony Acebo, Flour Bluff


First – Morgan Thomas and Kim Kasperitis, Flour Bluff
Second – Hannah Hobbs and Ashley Agisasoga, Harmony-Austin
Third – Jessica Gonzalez and Lisa Bank, Harmony-San Antonio

Science Work

First – Kevin Sauceda and Dana Ruffalo, Harmony-Austin
Second – Chelsie Martinelli and Hannah Sanchez, Harmony-San Antonio
Third – Cameron McIntyre and Joshua Strunk, Flour Bluff


First – Christian Rice and Bryanna Estrada, Harmony-Austin
Second – April Furman and Cameron McIntyre, Flour Bluff
Third – Annabelle Vega and Jessica Gonzales, Harmony-San Antonio

Rocks and Minerals

First – Michael Johnston and Kelsey Baker, Harmony-Austin
Second – Joshua Strunk and Alex Marr, Flour Bluff
Third – Jorge Bonilla and Delala Morales, Harmony-San Antonio

Disease Detective

First – Ahmad Akid and Andy Lai, Harmony-Austin
Second – Marisa Hunt and Veronica Chavez, Harmony-San Antonio
Third – Destiny Garcia and Morgan Thomas, Flour Bluff

Mission Possible

First – Joshua Strunk, Peter Robinson and Ashley Rock, Flour Bluff
Second – A. J. Clark, Dustin Vela and Alvin Hand, Harmony-San Antonio

The event was held Feb. 24 at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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