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Yell Leaders promote school spirit through Hog Call

KINGSVILLE - October 26, 2006

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It’s Jessica Troell’s job at Texas A&M University-Kingsville to make as much noise as she can and to encourage other students to do the same. She is in charge of a group of newly chosen yell leaders named to help promote school spirit at the university.

The Thursday before each Saturday Javelina home football game, Troell and her fellow yell leaders hold what is fondly call a Hog Call where students, staff, faculty and community members are encouraged to cheer for their Hoggies. The next Hog Call will be Thursday, Nov. 2.

“At the Hog Calls, we teach the students the same chants that we hope they will use at the games,” Troell said. “We also are trying to get them to use the ‘J’ symbol made by a curved thumb and straight pointer finger during the Javelina fight song.”

During Hog Calls, Troell and her fellow yell leaders take charge and are assisted by the Javelina cheer team. “Because I am the head yell leader, I take the lead at a Hog Call, but I couldn’t do it without help from the other yell leaders. We get together to plan each event.”

“Hog Call is a student effort to sustain a tradition that some of the student body has forgotten, and the yell leaders coordinate Hog Call to keep that tradition alive,” said Dr. Tom Jackson Jr., vice president of student affairs.

The current yell leaders were chosen and from that group, Troell was selected as head yell leader. Jackson said the selection process for the next group of yell leaders will start in the next couple of months to keep the tradition going.

 Although the Hog Calls were intended to be held only during football season, Jackson said there has been such a good response that several will be held during the spring semester prior to basketball games.

 Jackson said attendance at Hog Calls this year have ranged from about 400 to about 250. One thing that impressed him was the attendance of student athletes who turn out to encourage each other. “They have been participating in our yells and games and have won the spirit stick the last two times. Hog Call has brought the student athletes back into the main stream.”

Troell is a communications major from George West. Other yell leaders are Jayne Cortez, a criminology/psychology major from San Antonio; Terri Godines, a political science major from Alice; Vanessa Iracheta, an English major from San Antonio; Gabriel Villarreal, a radio/TV and theatre education major from Falfurrias; and Lindsay Ramos, a theatre education major from Falfurrias.

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