University, Foundation Announce Successful Completion of $1 Million Arrington Match

KINGSVILLE - September 15, 2016

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Last fall, Texas A&M University-Kingsville and the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation announced the Arrington Match. This was $1 million in endowed funds, from a $1.3 million total gift to the university from alumna Nadine Arrington, who passed away in 2009. 

Through the Arrington Match, donors may have their gifts matched, with the following guidelines: gifts would be designated for new faculty endowments or new scholarship endowments, and gifts were to be made to the Texas A&M-Kingsville Foundation. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016—nearly one year later to the day—the university and the Texas A&M-Kingsville Foundation held a luncheon to announce the successful completion of the Arrington Match. 

The results of the Arrington Match include— 

  • Six new endowments supporting the work of faculty, totaling $500,000, for a grand total of $1,000,000 in the new endowment
  • Ten new endowments supporting student scholarships, totaling $450,000, for a grand total of $900,000 in the new endowment
  • Two endowments supporting academic programs, totaling $50,000, for a grand total of $100,000 in the new endowment 

There are 18 donors establishing these new endowed funds at each college, impacting both faculty and students—undergraduate and graduate-level. There is also a scholarship for the Citrus Center campus in Weslaco. 

“This is a very exciting day for our University,” Bradley A. Walker, CEO and Chief Development Officer for the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation, said. “Dr. Tallant offered our donors a wonderful opportunity – to double the impact of a gift. Probably the best thing about Mrs. Arrington’s gift is that it really will support the entire university because her gift matched gifts to each college, and even our Citrus Center.” 

About Nadine Arrington

Nadine Rucker was part of the Class of 1946 of the Texas College of Arts and Industries—now Texas A&M University-Kingsville. 

She was an active student, serving terms as president of the Beta Gamma Sorority, the Pot ‘O Gold club, and the B.B.A. Club. The El Rancho university yearbook said that she “…maintained her gracious poise on all occasions…Kingsville claims this lovely senior with the invigorating smile.” 

Rucker would become Nadine Arrington, and later work in Washington, D.C. as Chief Clerk of the United States Senate Committee of Health, Education, Labor and Pensions for more than 20 years. She passed away in February 2009, with a lasting dedication to her country and her alma mater.