6 Facts About Texas Independence Day

KINGSVILLE - March 02, 2015

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6 Facts About Texas Independence

by Dr. Larry Knight, Professor, Department of History, Political Science & Philosophy

  1. The men defending the Alamo never knew that Texas had declared independence.
  2. José Antonio Navarro, for whom both Navarro County and Corsicana, Texas are named (the latter because his family immigrated from Corsica), was one of three Hispanics (two of whom were Tejanos) to sign the Declaration of Independence.
  3. Only one of the original 5 copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence remains; it was found at the U.S. State Department in 1896 and now resides in the Texas State Archives in Austin.
  4. The declaration was signed at what we call Washington on the Brazos, but it was called the Town of Washington at the time.
  5. Texas independence ensured the uniqueness of Texas, author John Steinbeck noted, "A Texan outside of Texas is a foreigner."
  6. Texas remained independent for almost 10 years:   March 2, 1836-December 29, 1845.