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Starting Salary for Texas A&M-Kingsville Graduates among the Highest Statewide, Regionally

KINGSVILLE - November 07, 2013

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Each year, PayScale, Inc. releases its national College Salary Report, which examines the relationship between college selection and post-graduation salary.

The average starting salary for Texas A&M University-Kingsville graduates was listed at $49,200. According to PayScale, that amount was — 

  • The third-best starting salary among schools in the Texas A&M University System
  • Tied for the fifth-best starting salary out of Texas public universities
  • Tied for the seventh-best starting salary amount out of all Texas universities, public and private 

More than 1,000 U.S. schools were examined a number of different ways for the report, including by region. Texas A&M University-Kingsville fell into the Central South region, made up of eight states—Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Regionally, A&M-Kingsville’s average starting salary tied with the University of Texas at Arlington as the 11th best. 

University president Dr. Steven H. Tallant said of the ranking, “Texas A&M-Kingsville strives to prepare its students for the increasingly competitive job market by giving them an education that makes them desired employees. This ranking helps affirm that we are accomplishing that goal. 

“Through the hard work of a lot of people on our campus, Texas A&M-Kingsville continues to build on its legacy of being the most respected university in the region. As this ranking shows, the graduates of our university can start their career with one of the best salaries among public and private institutions in the entire state of Texas, and within the Central South region of the United States. That speaks to both the quality of the graduate, and the quality of the education.” 

Tallant added, “Going to college is a financial investment, but I think this report shows that a Texas A&M-Kingsville student can start seeing strong returns on that investment as soon as they graduate and enter the workforce with their degree.” 


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