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English Professor's Poem Featured in San Antonio's National Poetry Month Celebration

KINGSVILLE - April 11, 2013

Contact: Adriana Garza-Flores
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A haiku written by Texas A&M University-Kingsville Professor of Language and Literature Dr. Cathy Downs is being featured as part of San Antonio’s Via Metropolitan Transit’s celebration of National Poetry Month.

            Down’s haiku about education was one of 10 selected during the Via Metropolitan Transit’s Poetry on the Move contest. The winning poem, along with artwork from South and Central Texas, are placed in the 10-inch-high space between the windows and the ceiling of the city bus.

            “Sometimes I ask my students to write poems,” Downs said. “At a quiet moment as they wrote, this poem came to me, and I would like to thank my students’ interesting discussions of literature for inspiring that poem.”    

            The poem reads:

            “Chalk on the chalkboard/ Minerals forged in Earth’s fists—/Old stones, New ideas.”

            The poems will be on public San Antonio buses throughout the month of April, as part of the city’s celebration of National Poetry Month.

            “San Antonio’s project is a very exciting one to educators,” Downs said. “During the month of April, people of all ages who ride the bus can read poetry during their commute.”

            Downs’ passion for poetry and writing began when she was 10 years old. Growing up, she carried a spiral notebook in which to jot down poems and ideas for poems. When she had time, she’d continue to shape the thoughts she kept in her notebook. Now, she advises her students interested in writing poetry to read the works of other poets and to make time for their own writing.

Downs holds a doctoral degree in American Letters from the University of North Carolina and has taught at A&M-Kingsville since 1995, where she has also served for 10 years as the editor of the university’s literary magazine, Writer’s Bloc.



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