Mission Statement

The Department of the Memorial Student Union and Student Activities which is comprised of the Student Union, Student Activities and Recreational Sports components at Texas A & M University - Kingsville operates in a partnership with students, faculty, and staff, providing a community center for Texas A & M University - Kingsville through educational programs, services, conveniences, and amenities needed in daily campus life. The departments contribute to the University's educational mission by providing opportunities for personal and intellectual growth through co-curricular programs, student organizations, employment, recreation, wellness, and self-governance. Value Statement: The Memorial Student Union places its greatest emphasis on those internal values which support the overall mission of Texas A & M University - Kingsville. Therefore, values throughout the organization must promote and support the highest standards of excellence in our programs, our services, and our relationship with each other.

We Value:

  • The education process and the role we play in the development of people.
  • The development and maintenance of community for our University.
  • Training our students in social responsibility and leadership so that they may become productive citizens.
  • Service to our customers with a caring attitude.
  • Freedom of expression and respect for the individual regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, age, ability or sexual orientation.
  • Cooperative working relationships with other University departments and the Kingsville community.
  • An atmosphere which supports creativity, change, strategic thinking, empowerment, and cooperation.
  • Sensitivity to the changing needs of the University community and a willingness to change to meet those needs.
  • Providing quality services and programs at a minimum or no cost to students.
    A student-staff-faculty partnership built on mutual respect with competent and ethical staff serving as positive role models for students and employees.

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