Fitness & Wellness

The Fitness & Wellness Living Learning Communities are for those students who are dedicated to the concept of Fitness and Wellness. For these students, wellness isn’t merely a catchy phrase: It is a lifestyle. They consider all areas of wellness to be important and in reality that means that they consider the following on a daily basis:

  • Which foods to consume (and how and where foods are prepared)
  • Whether to drink or do drugs
  • How much to exercise
  • Whether to go to church
  • When they go to the doctor (preventative and reactive visits)

Students who are interested in this type of living environment will have opportunities to learn from a variety of experts on the above topics and have resources at their fingertips.


  • Workout facilities in their residence hall
  • Kitchen equipment upgrades that allow for storage and preparation of healthy foods
  • Wellness programs in the hall that focus on healthy choices (presented by Life Services and Wellness)
  • Personal Training at their own facilities or at the Fitness Center (sponsored by the Rec. Sports professionals)
  • Healthy food choices programs


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