Kingsville Connection Schedule



Pick-Up: 5:30am, 5:20pm
Drop-Off: 7:50am, 7:30pm

Del Mar College

Pick-Up: 6:35am, 6:35pm
Drop-Off: 6:35am,  6:35pm

Gold's Gym

Pick-Up: 6:50am, 6:15pm
Drop-Off: 6:50am, 6:15pm

  • Kingsville Pick-Up & Drop-Off: 700 University Blvd (Memorial Student Union Building)
  • Del Mar College Pick-Up & Drop-Off: East Campus (Harvin Center)
  • Gold's Gym Pick-Up & Drop-Off: 6643 South Staples(Parking Lot)

* $4 one-way or *$8 around trip

* Wi-Fi accessible

*We strictly adhere to our departure times.

*Please arrive at least 5 minutes before departure time.

*If all seats are taken upon your arrival you may need to find alternate transportation or take your own vehicle.

This page was last updated on: January 27, 2017