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The Kingsville Connection is a shuttle system operated by the Kleberg County Department of Human Services which transports riders between Del Mar College and Texas A&M University-Kingsville several times each day during the work week.

The goals of this service are:

  • To provide riders with a safe, reliable, and affordable means of transportation to work or school
  • To provide a "green" method of transportation for commuters


Kingsville Connection Schedule



Pick-Up: 5:30am, 5:20pm
Drop-Off: 7:50am, 7:30pm

Del Mar College

Pick-Up: 6:35am, 6:35pm
Drop-Off: 6:35am,  6:35pm

Gold's Gym

Pick-Up: 6:50am, 6:15pm
Drop-Off: 6:50am, 6:15pm

  • Kingsville Pick-Up & Drop-Off: 700 University Blvd (Memorial Student Union Building)
  • Del Mar College Pick-Up & Drop-Off: East Campus (Harvin Center)
  • Gold's Gym Pick-Up & Drop-Off: 6643 South Staples(Parking Lot)

* $4 one-way or *$8 around trip

* Wi-Fi accessible

*We strictly adhere to our departure times.

*Please arrive at least 5 minutes before departure time.

*If all seats are taken upon your arrival you may need to find alternate transportation or take your own vehicle.



Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Shuttle Procedures

  1. All eligible passengers must show a valid punch card prior to boarding.
  2. Drivers will only drop off / pick up passengers at designated bus shuttle stops.
  3. Wait for the shuttle to come to a full stop and doors opened, before approaching the vehicle.
  4. Allow time for exiting passengers to step off prior to boarding.
  5. Only one person per seat is allowed.
  6. If the driver informs you that no seating remains, please wait for the next shuttle.
  7. When the shuttle has reached its destination, remain stationary until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  8. When exiting, check for your belongings, the Shuttle Service is not responsible for any items left behind.
  9. Passengers are expected to comply with the instructions of the driver. Please be courteous to the drivers and other passengers and keep your voice level within a normal speaking range.

Shuttle Conduct Expectations

Passengers are subject to all University rules, the Student Code of Conduct, and applicable state and federal laws. Students will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action as appropriate.  University employees may also be referred to their supervisor for disciplinary action. The following (the list is not all-inclusive) are prohibited on shuttle vehicles:

  • Conduct or activity that limits the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely or affects the safety of the passengers, including, but not limited to, rowdiness, drunkenness, or disorderly conduct as deemed by the driver is prohibited.  Individuals engaged in such behavior may be asked to exit the vehicle.  Drivers have the authority to use their discretion and take into consideration their safety, the safety of the passengers, and the safety of the public when making such decisions.  University Police Department will be contacted to assist in the removal of passengers when necessary.
  • Damaging or defacing any part of the interior or exterior of the vehicle is prohibited.  Individuals found responsible will be assessed fees to cover the cost of repairs.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking on-board is prohibited.  Passengers may not carry open containers of alcohol while on- board.  However, passengers are permitted to consume non-alcoholic beverages in containers with lids while on-board the vehicle, while taking care to properly dispose of left over trash or food items.  Kingsville Connection riders are permitted to consume food items on the shuttle.  B&G Express riders are not allowed to consume food on the shuttles.
  • Transporting common containers of alcohol (kegs) or controlled substances is prohibited.  Passengers of legal drinking age may carry sealed alcoholic beverages in cans and/or bottles.
  • Smoking while riding the vehicle is prohibited.
  • Playing radios/Walkmans/CD Players, I-Pads, etc. w/o earphones /headphones is not permitted.
  • Profanity
  • Fighting
  • Extending any part of the body or placing any objects through the windows and outside of the vehicle while it is in motion is prohibited.  Littering from the vehicle is prohibited at all times.
  • The university and/or the shuttle driver reserves the right to refuse service to any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who has shown a continuous or serious disregard for the shuttle rules. The university also reserves the right to revoke access for the shuttle services as deemed appropriate through the Code of Conduct procedures.

Complaints, recommendations, and general comments regarding the University shuttle service are welcome and should be addressed to


Cost and Purchasing Punch Cards:

This shuttle will cost $4 for a one-way trip, or $8 round trip, between Del Mar College and TAMUK. The Kleberg County Department of Human Services will be selling punch cards for faculty, staff, and students Kleberg County Department of Human Services.

Riders Punch card needed to board Shuttle

ADA Compliance

Access to all riders, regardless of physical abilities, is a main goal of the B&G Express and Kingsville Connection shuttle programs. All vehicles used for the programs have been rated as ADA Compliant and come equipped with chair lifts. Drivers have been trained in the safe loading and unloading of passengers who have differing abilities.

Please contact the Disability Resource Center (593-3024) or the Office of the Dean of Students (361-593-3606) if you have any questions.

Contact Info

Kleberg County Human Services

Paisano Transportation

720 East Lee

Kingsville, Tx. 78363

(361) 595-8574


Kingsville (TAMUK) to Corpus Christi

Shuttle will pick up on West side of MSUB on University Blvd (by campus Post Office)
Departure from TAMUK -- 10:00 a.m.                          Arriving at TAMUK -- 6:00 p.m

La Palmera Mall -- La Palmera is a great regional shopping center features over 100 retail stores.  It also offers a number of great places to eat, including P.F. Chang's Bistro.

North Beach -- Fishing, building sand castles and popular pastimes at this great spot.

Fall 2017


8/21/17 — Move-In Day – TAMUK Campus

8/26/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach


9/16/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach & CAB Movie

9/30/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach


10/14/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach

10/28/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach


11/18/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach & CAB Movie


 2/2/17 — La Palmera Mall & North Beach

Spring 2018


1/27/18--- La Palmera Mall & North Beach


2/3/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach

2/17/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach


3/3/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach

3/24/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach


4/7/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach

4/21/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach


5/5/18— La Palmera Mall & North Beach 

Click here for the printable schedule

Airport/Greyhound Reservations

The university has contracted with Kleberg County Human Services to provide limited shuttle service to and from the Corpus Christi Airport, the Kingsville Greyhound station and the Alice Social Security Office if a student does not have another mode of transportation available. Requests must be received in the Dean of Students Office at least 7 days in advance of travel date for airport travel, and 3 business days in advance for Greyhound and Social Security Office trips.  Reservations are accepted by email (, fax, regular mail or in person. The Dean of Students Office is located in the Memorial Student Union Building on 3rd floor, Room 306.  Phone number is (361) 593-3606.  Fax (361) 593-3947.


Some travel dates will not be available for shuttle services.  If your request is affected by a date where a shuttle driver is not available you will be notified prior to your reservation being confirmed.  


Trips to the Corpus Christi airport will be $20.00 each way ($40.00 round trip).

Trips to the Kingsville Greyhound Station will be $3.00 each way ($6.00 round trip).

Information required to process request:

  1. A copy of the original flight itinerary for EACH person requesting shuttle service to/from the Corpus Christi airport.
  2. A phone number where you may be reached
  3. Your address in Kingsville (if known)
  4. Your email address

When making arrangements, please keep the following in mind:

  • The shuttle service is available from 8 AM to 8 PM (Central Standard Time) only. You will be notified by email that your Shuttle Service request has been received and confirmed.
  • If there are various persons arriving at different times, you may need to wait until all students scheduled for pick up have arrived at the Corpus Christi airport or the Kingsville Greyhound station.
  • You must notify us immediately if there are any changes or delays in your flight.

If your flight arrives prior to 8 AM, you may wait for the next available shuttle or you may contact a taxi service in Corpus Christi for transport to Kingsville.  The airport is approximately 45 miles from campus and may range between $50 and $100 one way.

If your flight arrives after 8 PM, you will need to contact a taxi service in Corpus Christi for transport to Kingsville.  The airport is approximately 45 miles from campus and may range between $55 and $100 one way.

Robert Strakos, Alpha A-Taxi, has agreed to provide one car load of 1-4 occupants between Kingsville and the Corpus Christi Airport, one way, for $55.00. You may contact Robert at 361-290-2385 to check availability. Other taxi services may be located by searching online for taxi providers in the Corpus Christi area.

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