About JNET

JNET is a comprehensive web portal connecting students, faculty and staff to their web-based services at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

With just one login to JNET at jnet.tamuk.edu, users can access a host of information.

Students can find access to:

- registration information
- records and grades
- Blackboard
- DegreeWorks
- financial aid
- billing services
- university email account
- Jernigan Library
- Blue and Gold Connection
- and many other campus sites

Faculty and staff can access their:

- class rosters
- university email account
- Jernigan Library
- Single Sign On (SSO)
- staff can gain access to university applications
- faculty and advisors are able to link to the schedule of classes, the course catalog, class rosters, and Degree Works as well as select student information
- and many other campus sites

New Students can click here to check admission status.

Familiarize yourself with JNET. Read through the information below before logging into other systems. JNET's purpose is to make access easier through single sign on and improve communication for students, faculty and staff by providing a central location for important information. If you would like to make suggestions for JNET or report a problem click here.

JNET will give access to these systems once logged in:

  • Blackboard

    Students can find the Blackboard link under the Students tab in the My Student Information channel.

  • Email

  • Blue and Gold Connection

    Non-faculty advisors can find the link under the Campus Resources tab in the channel Academic Dates / Events & Links. The link does not auto log in for advisors. Students and faculty can auto log in using links found under their respective tabs in JNET.

  • Course Schedule

    The Course Schedule above and the one found on the home page lead to a Dynamic Schedule used to search for courses by: term, subject, course level, campus and instructor. This schedule is not your personal schedule, that can be found in JNET. In JNET students can also see their schedule for the week, detailed class list, look up classes, check registration status, add or drop, view your academic profile and much more. Due to state law, the university must leave the Course Schedule link on the home page.

JNET Log In >>

Username and Password

A UserID for the username and BannerID for the password are required to login. If you do not have either of these please contact iTech Support Services to retrieve them.

For More Information, contact: iTech
Phone: 361-593-HELP(4357)

K-Number Confusion

There has been some confusion about what a K-Number is.

When entering the university as a student, faculty or staff a K-Number is issued, also known as the Banner ID.

Your Banner ID is your official University ID number and it consists of a capital K followed by 8 digits.

Your User ID sometimes referred to as the little k-number consists of a lowercase k followed by four letters then three to four digits. The first letter signifies if you are as student, staff or faculty. That is followed by your initials. Your initials are followed by 3 to 4 digits.

Other resources available in JNET:

Welcome tab:

  • Campus Announcements
  • Targeted Personal Announcements
  • Events Feed
  • What's Hot
  • Dining Options / Menus

Campus Resources tab:

  • Academic Dates / Events & Links
    • Blue & Gold Connection link for non-faculty advisors requires login. Students and faculty log in automatically using links found under their respective tabs in JNET.
  • How Do I…
  • Parking / Police
  • Student Spotlight
  • Campus Involvement
  • Campus Quick Links
  • Campus Directory
  • Directory Update

Student tab:

  • My Student Information
  • My Financial Aid
  • Emergency Notification Settings
  • Student Grades
  • Personal Information (for updating)
  • Financial Aid (important links)
  • My Account (current balance)
  • Registration Tools (Blue and Gold Connection)
  • My Quick Links

Employee tab:

  • Employee Forms
  • Strategic Sourcing & General Services
  • Emergency Notification Settings
  • Announcement Help
  • Travel
  • Hiring
  • Employee Quick Links
  • Employee Materials
  • University Facilities

Academics tab:

  • Research and Grants
  • Academic Forms
  • DLIT
  • Faculty Senate
  • University Contacts
  • Graduate School
  • Councils and Committees

Faculty tab:

  • Faculty Dashboard
  • Advisor Dashboard
  • Faculty Tools
  • Faculty Registration Tools (Blue and Gold Connection)
  • Faculty Schedule
  • Faculty Grad Assignment
  • Blackboard Resources
  • Text Book Resources
  • Course / Class Search
  • Center for Teaching Effectiveness

News tab:

  • Social Networking feeds
  • Hog E-Weekly
  • South Texan feed

Library tab:

  • Library News
  • Library Help
  • Library Resources
  • Library Catalog
  • Library Workshop Schedules
  • Library Services
  • Recent Arrivals

Tech Help tab:

  • iTech Support Services (create a ticket)
  • iTech System Status
  • iTech Password Reset
  • Student, Faculty & Employee Resources
  • iTech Quick Links
  • iTech Policies
  • Computer Lab Hours & Locations

JNET Log In >>