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What Is A Javelina?

What is a Javelina

A javelina (pronounced hah-vuh-lee-nuh, with the accent on the third syllable) is the Spanish name for the peccary, a species of wild pigs. 

The javelina was chosen as our mascot in 1925 because wherever it is known, his reputation as an intrepid and relentless fighter also is known.

Javelinas travel in bands ranging from a few animals to as many as 45. When attacked, they boldly face their enemy and begin crowding in on him. If one group is aware that that another band is being attacked, they will rush to its assistance, and when once attacked, flight is unthought-of. They will stay in the fight until the last pig is dead or until the enemy is either killed or driven off.

The Javelina represents South Texas’ values of strong family bonds, helping your community and standing united.  We are the only college or university in the nation with this mascot. We are proud, we are united, WE ARE JAVELINAS!

This page was last updated on: August 23, 2013