Texas A&M University-Kingsville

President's Pledge


President Tallant’s Pledge         

TallantI, Steven H. Tallant, pledge to:

  • provide our students opportunities and avenues that will enable them to build their character as well as prepare for their careers   

  • encourage our students to develop civic engagement and leadership skills

  • instill in our student body a justified Javelina pride in the accomplishments of this institution, founded in 1925

  • provide students continuing support and a lifelong welcome, beginning from their first day and continuing through to alumni years

  • strive to make our student and alumni university diplomas ever more valuable as the years come and go

  • and, as a result of these, earn a lifelong relationship with our young scholars, alumni and friends.

Now I ask you to join me and make a commitment to being a Javelina for Life!

Dr. Tallant

Steven H. Tallant,
President, Texas A&M University - Kingsville


This page was last updated on: August 23, 2013