Javelina Express Card

Welcome to Texas A&M University - Kingsville and the online home of the Javelina Express Card!

Your Javelina Express Card serves as your official University ID. If you're a student, you'll use your Javelina Express Card almost everyday that you're on campus. Whether it be getting into your residence hall, using the Steinke Physical Education Center (SPEC) and Student Recreation Center, campus dining and retail locations, voting in Student Government elections and University referendums, or even getting access to Javelina sporting events.

The Javelina Express Card provides all these benefits and more by serving as your card access to all that Texas A&M University-Kingsville has to offer. So carry your Javelina Express Card and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Javelina family!

This page was last updated on: April 9, 2018