About Your Javelina Express Card

The Javelina Express Card is your access to Texas A&M Kingsville. The Javelina Express Card not only serves as the official Texas A&M Kingsville identification card, but it is also your meal card, your access to residence halls, the library, Student Recreation Center, Life Services and Wellness and other secured buildings on-campus.

Other uses for the Javelina Express Card:

  • Sell your books back at the end of each semester.
  • Obtain free tickets to university events/activities (students only).
  • Obtain free admission to sporting events including Javelina football games (students only).
  • Required to take tests and access computer-labs on-campus (students only).


  • The first Javelina Express Card is free to all Texas A&M Kingsville students, staff and faculty.
  • Lost/stolen cards should be replaced immediately. Note: Replacement cards are $10. Methods of payment accepted are cash, check (made to TAMUK) and money order (made to TAMUK).
  • Damaged cards can be replaced for $10.
  • Cards are automatically validated each semester for no additional charge.
  • Dependents of students are eligible for a Guest/Dependent Card for a $10 fee. Guest dependent cards expire after 1 year and must be renewed for the initial cost of $10.

Texas A&M Kingsville agrees to accept and hold for the benefit of the cardholder and exclusively for the purposes described, any funds deposited by the cardholder to an account maintained by the university and referred to herein as the Javelina Express Card Account. Funds deposited by the cardholder shall be applied against amounts debited to the cardholder's account for goods and services purchased at the points of sale accepting payment through the use of the Javelina Express Card.

  • For added benefits to our students, faculty and staff we are working to expand the card to use at vending machines residence hall laundry facilities and the bookstore.

This page was last updated on: September 29, 2015