What is Javelina Camp?

You are given the opportunity only once in your life to begin your college experience – at Javelina Camp you will begin your college journey even before you walk into your first class.

Javelina Camp is a high-intensity three-day experience designed specifically for incoming Freshmen. Students who participate in Javelina Camp learn about the spirited traditions of TAMUK, spend time in small “packs” centered on bonding and connecting with students in an interactive setting, participate in team competitions, reflect on their personal college goals, and most importantly have fun with other future students.

TRADITIONS: Javelina Spirit is something you might hear often on the campus next year. As a Member of the Pack you are given the most in-depth understanding of what it means to call yourself a Javelina – the traditions and history of our university have set the foundation for you to build the legacies the Class of 2018 will leave for future Javelina Generations.

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LEADERSHIP: Preparing yourself for the full college experience includes readying yourself for leadership roles both inside and outside of the classroom. Javelina Camp gives students tools to be successful and sets them on a path for an enriching college experience. Come to build your confidence, communication skills, to challenge yourself to raise your own standards, and to continue your journey as a leader of others. College is only a few short years, but others will look to you as a Leader of a Pack for a lifetime.

REFLECTION: While here you have the chance to REFLECT on what you hope to achieve in the next few years. Through your packs you are encouraged to think about what you want to accomplish at TAMUK. Someone in your Pack today, might be by your side tomorrow creating the next great legacy on campus.

This page was last updated on: September 29, 2015