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2013 Tailgating Guidelines

Date Opponent Location Time/Results  
09/21/13 McMurry - IBC Bank Hispanic Heritage Weekend Kingsville, Texas 7:00 PM
09/28/13 West Texas A&M - New York Life Insurance Family Fiesta Weekend Kingsville, Texas 7:00 PM
10/12/13 Texas A&M-Commerce - Kleberg Bank Homecoming Game Kingsville, Texas 7:00 PM
11/02/13 Tarleton State - Hertz Community Appreciation Night Kingsville, Texas 7:00 PM
11/16/13 Valdosta State - Hall of Fame Weekend Kingsville, Texas 7:00 PM


Purpose: Texas A& M University- Kingsville( TAMUK) Tailgating is intended to compliment the Javelina game day experience by providing a social gathering area prior to home Football games. Javelina alumni, students, fans and supporters can enjoy the Tailgating traditions of food, fellowship and fun as a prelude to 7: 00 p. m. home games and all NCAA Play-Off games.

The University alcohol policy prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus except in designated areas. The University will permit Tailgating activities in Lot G, ( Southeast corner). To ensure our Tailgating tradition provides a safe and positive game environment, the following guidelines will be enforced by the University Police Department and Home Events Staff.
1. One( 1) Tailgate Space per group.

2. Your Tailgating Space CANNOT BE PRE-MARKED earlier than 12: 00 p. m. ( Noon) Friday the day prior to the game.

3. Tailgate spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and must be consistent with the lane markings and other signage. Please honor and be respectful of pre- marked, reserved areas.

4. Mowing of the Tailgate area can occur up until 12: 00 p. m. ( Noon) on each Friday prior to each home Football game. As a result, Tailgate Spaces pre- marked prior to 12: 00 ( Noon) on Friday are subject to removal by authorized University representatives and will not be replaced.
Full Plate

5. IMPORTANT…The Department of Athletics does not guarantee and is not responsible for any marked or replacement of any unattended marked Spaces at any time.

6. Javelina Athletics and TAMUK do not take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property.  All Tailgating spaces and/or personal items should be attended at all times to prevent issues from arising.

7. Parked vehicles are not allowed in the Tailgate area. ONLY drop off of your Tailgate items is allowed by vehicle

8. Pets are NOT allowed!  Service animals are an exception to these guidelines.

9. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages must be in compliance with all state, county, city, Board of Regents, and University laws and ordinances. Individuals of legal age- 21 or older--may consume alcoholic beverages in the Tailgating area. Consumption of alcohol by minors is illegal. It is also illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

10. All beverages must be in cans or plastic containers. Alcohol drinking games, funneling or any other games deemed inappropriate by the University are prohibited. Alcohol drinking game apparatus, kegs, beer ponq balls or other common source containers are prohibited. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED!


11. If alcoholic beverages are served, Tailgaters must also serve an adequate amount of food or alternative beverages in the same location as alcoholic beverages.

12. Alcohol can be served to guests of the Tailgate party of legal drinking age only.  Individuals may not allow unrestricted access to alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol is not permitted outside the Tailgating area.

13. Individuals are highly encouraged to have designated drivers who do not drink alcoholic beverages to monitor their Tailgating party throughout its duration.

14. Disruptive behavior: individuals who interfere with the rights of others by the use of loud, abusive language, music and or behavior, or who may prevent others from enjoying Tailgating will be asked to cease and desist and may be directed to leave the event if necessary.

15. ALL Tailgate parties will CONCLUDE at 6:45 p.m. and all participants will enter Javelina Stadium no later than 7:00 p.m.

16. Tailgate parties may not resume at half-time.

17. No advertising banners or signage are allowed without prior written approval from the Texas A & M University-Kingsville Athletics Department.

18. Participants and organizations are prohibited from selling food, products and/or raffle tickets, campaigning for office, distributing petitions and/or lobbying for votes without prior written approval from the Texas A & M University-Kingsville Athletics Department.


19. No live bands or loud speaker systems are permitted on the premises without prior written approval from the Texas A & M University-Kingsville Athletics Department.  All music must be ceased whenever the live   entertainment at the Javelina Main Stage area begins.

20. All trash, equipment and debris must be removed from the Tailgate area by the Tailgating members prior to postgame departure and no later than 45 minutes following the completion of that evening' s game. Please deposit all aluminum items in the recycling containers.

21. All trash, equipment and debris must be removed from the Tailgate area by the Tailgating members prior to post-game departure.  Please deposit all aluminum items in the recycling containers.

22. No open pit fires are allowed.  Fires must be contained to a grill.

24. Violation of any of these guidelines may result in immediate termination of Tailgating privileges, criminal prosecution, and or disciplinary action through the Dean of Students if the violator is a Texas A&M University-Kingsville student.

25. RV owners need to make prior arrangements by calling ( 361) 593-2493.

26. General Questions ???: Call: ( 361) 593- 2493


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