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Javelina Pride Baby Contest

We received many entries for the first ever Javelina Pride Baby Contest, and they were all adorable children that resonated Javelina Pride.  That made for a very difficult decision in choosing the winners.  In the end, all of the entries were outstanding representatives of the university, but we could only choose three winners of the contest.  The Javelina Alumni Association and the Office of Marketing & Communications, are proud to announce the following winners of the Javelina Pride Baby Contest:  

Ruben Jaanus Cantu

Born and raised in Kingsville, Jaanus Cantu loves to cheer for his Hoggies.  He can often be found giving a spontaneous "Go Hogs Go!" in the grocery store, strolling on the Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus showing his very own ID card to passersby or actively participating in Porky's Pack and supporting Javelina Athletics.  He often imitates the athletes on the football, basketball and baseball teams and even pretends to be a part of the Javelina Marching Band.  He is a true Javelina For Life and is very excited to be a proud representative for the next generation of Javelinas.  Jaanus is the son of proud parents, Reili and Ruben Cantu.

Serenity Pettes

Even before she was born Serenity attended several football games in her mommy's tummy.  She was born into a pure Javelina blood family with her mother, Desire, completing her bachelor's degree and working towards her masters, and her father, Marques, nearing completion of his bachelors degree - both at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  Coming from a multicultural background, Serenity proudly represents the diversity found in the Javelina family.  And as she grows into a proud, strong and beautiful little girl, she exemplifies the continued growth of the university.  Growing up in Kingsville, she is a proud Javelina For Life who represents the university in many ways.

Gage Urbanovsky

The son of Colby and Lori Urbanovsky, Gage is full of Javelina Pride.  He chooses his own clothes each day, and often picks from his assortment of Javelina shirts to demonstrate his pride.  He enjoys tailgating and attracts many visitors to his dad's tent on game day.  You'll usually find him wearing blue (his favorite color) and gold beads around his neck with his face painted for the game.  He is really looking forward to joining Porky's Pack so that he can ride the train and cheer on his favorite football team.  Gage's passion is baseball, and he brings his own ball and bat when he cheers on the Javelinas at the games.  Gage also attends the Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children, where he is already starting his education as a young Javelina.

Thank you to all of those who entered.  We were so excited to see all of the young Javelina Pride of the next generation!

For more information on the contest, you can find our entry form HERE.

This page was last updated on: August 23, 2013