"Secure File Transfer"

Accellion enables iTech to utilize a solution that easily and securely shares files and allows the TAMUK community to:

  • Comply with federal and industry regulations, including HIPAA, FDA, SOX for secure delivery of confidential information
  • Reduce risk of serious data breaches resulting from unsecure file sharing via CDs and USB sticks.
  • Reduce cost of document delivery via overnight courier.
  • Reduce IT support for FTP account creation and file cleanup.
  • Offload large email attachments for faster email performance and reduced email storage.

 Accellion offers solutions that make it easy to share confidential information with internal and external parties. With Accellion, enterprises have secure and auditable file sharing processes required for meeting industry and government regulations including SOX, HIPAA, and FDA.

With most enterprise users sharing information with colleagues and external parties such as partners and vendors, Accellion provides an enterprise-class collaboration and secure file transfer solution for file sharing that encompasses security and ease of use–eliminating the need for users to seek unsecure IT workarounds. Accellion Secure Collaboration™ and Accellion Secure File Transfer™ solutions are designed to meet the key requirements for enterprise secure collaboration and file transfer. The Accellion solution provides robust features for securely sharing, sending, and receiving files and folders—up to 100GB in size. Accellion offers end-to-end security – files are uploaded, stored, and downloaded securely. Recipients are authenticated, ensuring only the intended recipients can access files.

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This page was last updated on: October 26, 2015