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Change in status to F-1

Students who are studying at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) on a visa other than an F-1 may be eligible to change to F-1 visa status. A change of status to F-1 can be filed to the USCIS with the assistance of TAMUK International Student Services (ISS) staff

It will take approximately three months and possibly longer for USCIS to process a change of student application. Please discuss any questions you may have about this is the Designated School Official (DSO) with ISS.

NOTE: USCIS regulations require that F-2 dependents must change their status to F-1 BEFORE enrolling in classes in order to maintain a legal status in the U.S.

Bring the following documents to International Student Services: — Change of Status Application: Form I-539 and Instructions for I-539 available at ISS).

— Form I-20 (provided by ISS).

— Evidence of financial support which covers the amount stated on the Form I-20 (i.e. bank statement, letter of support from department, etc.)

— A letter written to the USCIS requesting permission and explaining the reasons to change to F-1 status.

— Passport and I-94 card (small white card) and nay other documents verifying your current status (i.e. I-797, DS-2019, etc.)

— Check or money order payable to USCIS for $195.00.

Additional Information Needed for a Change of Status from a Dependent Status:

Written letter: A letter written to USCIS should indicated the reason for which your change of status is requested (i.e. that the spouse or parent will soon complete his/her program and leave the U.S., that the dependent visa holder has been admitted as a full-time regular degree seeking student, and/or that eligibility to accept employment related to the field of study would be beneficial).

Additional Copies Needed: Copies of principle visa holder’s documentation (i.e. passport, visa, I-94, I-20, I-797, etc.)

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