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OPT Extension

According to SEVP Policy, F1 students may begin applying for the 17-Month Extension up to 120 days prior to their OPT End Date indicated on their EAD card. Our office recommends applying at least 90 days prior to your OPT end date.

As long as students properly file their application for the 17-Month Extension prior to the end date of OPT Employment, students may continue to work for up to 180 days while their application is pending with USCIS, even after their EAD is expired.

To begin applying for OPT Extension, please send an e-mail with the subject line: OPT Extension Request to international.services@tamuk.edu, and include the following information (even if nothing has changed since your last update to ISS):

- Current physical, residential address
- Job Title/Position
- Company Name (you may also include client name if different from company name)
- Company Address as entered in E-verify (include worksite address if different E-verify address)
- Supervisor's Name
- Supervisor’s Phone Number
- Employer Start Date
- Request to apply for OPT Extension
- Reciept of Payment for $15.00 Processing Fee

There is also a mandatory $15.00 processing fee for each OPT Extension Request.  Once payment has been submitted, please e-mail the confirmation of payment to international.services@tamuk.edu, along with your request for OPT Extension.

Our office will then issue and mail out an OPT Extension I-20 and aa Application Checklist that students can use to guide them through the application process.

The application checklist and other helpful documents can also be downloaded from here.  We recommend that students review the documents below and begin preparing their documents prior to receiving their OPT Extension I-20:

OPT Extension Application Checklist

Submitting Processing Fees Through TAMUK MarketPlace

USCIS Mailing Addresses

OPT Extension Student Reporting Requirements

OPT Extension I-765 Q&A

OPT Extension Q&A

Sample Employer Letter for OPT Extension

This page was last updated on: July 28, 2014