Air Quality

The Environmental Institute at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and BioReaction Industries LLC (BRI) are applying an innovative biological treatment to treat these emissions and are evaluating the potential of this approach to resolve these control issues which are critical to the industry.

The Air Quality Group’s vision is to provide leadership and coordination in the development of issues concerning the quality of ground-level air quality, and provide support in the application of techniques for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of air quality data.

The new biological treatment technology project is funded by U.S. DOE and will demonstrate significantly lower energy use (than regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) or regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCOs), lower water use (than conventional scrubbers) all the while being less costly than either for maintenance.

The group is involved in the monitoring of ground-level air pollutants and meteorological parameters in South Texas. Measurements of: Ozone, Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx and NOy), Volatile Organic Compounds, Fine Particulate Matters, Aerosol Composition, Carbon Monoxide, & Meteorological Fields.


Alvaro I. Martinez, Ph.D.

Air Quality Engineering Research, Emissions Control Research

David Ramirez, Ph.D.

Air Quality Engineering Research, Emissions Control Research

Kuo-Jen Liao, Ph.D.

Air Quality Remote Sensing, Air Quality Modeling and Impacts of Shale Gas Development on Regional Air Quality

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