Study Abroad Programs

TAMUK offers a wide range of study abroad program opportunities for TAMUK students.  Program types vary by academic discipline, credit hours, destination, cost, duration, and level of student support.  An important part of selecting a program is understanding the many opportunities available, what makes each of them unique, and which program will best meet your academic, professional, and personal goals for study abroad.

1.  TAMUK Faculty-Led Programs

TAMUK faculty and staff develop, direct and teach these programs.  Programs are generally two to five weeks in duration and offer unique but limited set of TAMUK courses. These programs provide an opportunity for students and faculty to travel together exploring common interests.

Costs: Study Abroad Confirmation fee of $350, Estimated Program fees (vary for each program). Estimated Additional Expenses not included in the program fee (Tamuk tuition and fees, International Airfare, Passport, Visa, Optional Meals, Personal spending). For more information, please contact OISP.

2. TAMUK Reciprocal Exchange Programs

TAMUK has formal student exchange agreements with more than 30 institutions worldwide.  These programs allow TAMUK students to enroll in regular university classes at the host institution for a semester or academic year.  Participants on exchange program will pay tuition and associated fees to TAMUK and then study at the partner school.  Reciprocal student exchange programs can be the most economical option for TAMUK students to study abroad for the semester or academic year.

Costs: Tamuk tuition and fees, Study Abroad Confirmation fee, Visa, international airfare, residential costs and fees of host university. For more information, please contact OISP.

3. TAMUK Direct Enrollment Programs

TAMUK has formal agreements with a select set of overseas institutions which enable TAMUK students to study as visiting students at the foreign university.  These programs allow TAMUK students to enroll in regular university classes at the host institution for the summer, semester or academic year.  Students pay the foreign university tuition and fees for visiting students.

Costs: Study Abroad Confirmation feeVisa, residential costs, international airfare, tuition and fees of host university. For more information, please contact OISP.

4. TAMUK Research Abroad

TAMUK students may participate in independent research programs identified through TAMUK faculty connections or offered directly through partner institutions, governmental programs or professional organizations.  Students work directly with their TAMUK academic departments to ensure oversight and credit for the research experience.

Costs: Varies for each program

5. TAMUK Student-Initiated Programs

TAMUK students may participate in international study, internship, or research abroad programs sponsored by other accredited U.S. universities, foreign institutions accredited directly by the Ministry of Education of the host country, or third-party program providers when no direct relationship exists between a foreign institution and TAMUK.  Students participating in a Student-Initiated Programs (SIP) will remain enrolled at TAMUK during the study abroad program and receive TAMUK resident credit and grades for the coursework that they complete abroad.  SIPs provide for a broader range of destinations and disciplines and can provide unique program components such as field work, internships, or research experiences. Click here for procedures.

Costs: Varies for each program

This page was last updated on: September 5, 2017