Faculty Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are study abroad programs developed and led by TAMUK faculty members that typically focus on a specific subject area or foreign language. One or more faculty leader travel with a group of students from TAMUK and teach one or more courses in the location abroad. Students receive predetermined TAMUK credit for the course(s) taken abroad. By design, faculty-led programs integrate many group activities into their curriculum and provide a very structured, enriching international experience. 

Benefits of Faculty-Led Programs:

  • Typically short-term (intersession, spring break or summer semester). 
  • TAMUK equivalent credit is already specified - you are taking an actual TAMUK course, just abroad.
  • Students travel with a group of their peers and a TAMUK faculty leader(s).
  • It is often more affordable and eligible for assistance through Financial Aid. 
  • Great first step for more timid students interested in study abroad who are looking for a cohort-type program.

Program locations, deadlines, and course offerings vary from program to program and from year to year, so please check our website for the most up-to-date information regarding our programs. 

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This page was last updated on: October 17, 2018