Procedures for Students

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Below are the steps a student needs to take to participate in a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Step 1: Pre-Program Registration 

  • Begin the application process for your passport, if needed. Great News! OISP is an approved Passport Acceptance Facility and completed Passport Applications with supporting documents can be submitted directly to our office. Passport Services are available Monday-Friday, 9 am - 4 pm and include photo services as well.   
  • Meet with the faculty leader for your program of interest to receive preliminary approval to register into the academic course and program. During this time, it is recommended to discuss the course overview, the academic goals for the program and the tentative itinerary while in-country. 
  • Attend "OISP WS-101: Faculty-Led Program Registration" to learn about the policies and procedures of attending a faculty-led program with TAMUK. Attending this workshop is a requirement for all students and non-credit participants planning to register into a faculty-led program with the university. To attend the workshop, please register at OISP Workshop Registration Portal . 
  • Pay the $350, non-refundable program registration fee, after attending the workshop. Students will receive a direct link to make the online payment from OISP. At that time, students will select the payment option for the program costs associated with the faculty-led program. Please note, this is only for the program costs and does not include the tuition and fees associated with the academic course.  

Step 2: Registered to Program/Pre-Departure

Please note, all correspondence from OISP will only be sent to official TAMUK student email accounts. 

  • Submit the following documents included in the program packet: 
Form OISP-100, Study Abroad Application
Form OISP-101, Faculty-Led Program Financial Responsibility Agreement 
Form OISP-105, TAMUK Faculty-Led Program Withdrawal Policy
Form OISP-120, Consent for Use of Picture & Writing
Form OISP-140, Liability Waiver
Form OISP-190, Emergency Notification
Form OISP-200, Scholarship Application if current TAMUK GPA is at or above 2.5 (UG) or 3.0 (G). Deadline for scholarship applications is Friday, March 8, 2019.   
  • Complete required online training sessions and submit certifications to OISP. 
  • Register for the Academic Course when available on Blue&Gold. OISP will send an email when registration is open with instructions on how to complete this process. 
  • After tuition and fees associated with the faculty-led program have posted to a student's account for with TAMUK Business Office, students will be directed to contact their office directly to discuss payment options. Please be advised, arrangements only include tuition and fees and do not include costs for the faculty-led program.  
  • Complete the required "OISP WS-103: Faculty-Led Pre-Departure Workshop". Registration will open once all program documents and online training certifications have been submitted.
  • Review the Foreign Consular Office for the location(s) of the faculty-led program for travel information including any VISA, vaccinations and/or other requirements. 
  • Make all required payments towards faculty-led program costs by the established deadlines of the payment plan selected when registering for the program. All program costs must be paid in full by the established payment plan deadline or the student will not be able to attend the program as per university policy.

Step 3: In-Country Program 

  • Depart with faculty-leader and group from Texas A&M University-Kingsville to program location(s). Visit the TSA website for travel tips, passenger support and to learn what items can be packed in your carry-on or checked baggage.
  • Enjoy time in-country! Use #JavelinasAbroad when posting photos or videos on social media to promote TAMUK's study abroad programs. If you were selected to be an Ambassador for OISP, please send all digital images and videos to
  • Return with faculty-leader and group to Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus from program location(s). 

Step 4: Post Program 

  • Attend the OISP "WS-104: Post Program Workshop" with OISP. Registration will open once a program has returned to campus. 


While Abroad – If any issues or concerns arise, please contact the faculty member as soon as possible. If, by any chance, you are having issues with anyone while abroad, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Studies & Programs. You can reach us via email or by phone.

This page was last updated on: November 30, 2018