Procedures for Students

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Steps a student needs to take to participate in a Faculty-Led Studying Abroad Program

Before taking any study abroad program, consider what you might need to do in order to participate.

  1. Apply for a passport 6-4 months prior to your trip abroad.
  2. Set up a small and concise meeting with the professor conducting the trip to receive preliminary approval to attend the program.
  3. Submit the completed Form OISP-100, Study Abroad Application to OISP,  pay the non-refundable program confirmation fee on MarketPlace and Form OISP-105, TAMUK Faculty-Led Program Withdrawal Policy.
  4. Schedule an advising appointment with OISP to review and complete the following procedures:
  5. TrainTraq external gateway - Complete prior to orientation. Please email or print TrainTraq certificate that will be emailed to you after the completion of your training to us: If your e-mail address includes an underscore, hyphen, or any special characters, please use your TAMUK student e-mail address or input OISP’s email,, otherwise you will get an “invalid” message.  If you are currently working for the Texas A&M System, please use an alternative email that is not registered under your SSO Login.  *If you are having problems accessing TrainTraq, please contact our office as soon as possible so we can schedule a time to assist you with the training.*  
  • Submit Form OISP-120, Consent for Use of Picture & Writing
  • Submit Form OISP-140, Liability Waiver
  • Submit Form OISP-150, Acknowledgement
  • Submit Form OISP-190, Emergency Notification
  • Establish program payment plan and receive invoice for program costs
  • Submit Form OISP-200, Scholarship Application (if applicable)   
  • Review the foreign consular office for the program destination’s travel information including any Visa, vaccinations or other requirements
  • Review the Student International Travel Brochure (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • Password:  contact OISP for current password
  • The course # for your training is 2111728 "International Safety Passage Training"
  1. Since August 26, 2016, all students traveling abroad must complete the Everfi &AlcoholEdu  trainings.  To fulfill this requirement, you need to sign in at Click on the "Campus Resources" tab and use the links located in the AlcoholEdu/Haven section to access the content.  Please register with your university email address.
  2. Prior to your trip’s departure date, you will be required to attend a mandatory Study Abroad Orientation hosted by the Office of International Studies & Programs. During the orientation, you will receive information regarding traveling abroad from the following departments:
  1. Register for both the course and program CRNs on Blue and Gold Connections. All holds must be cleared in order for student to register successfully. Must have attended the advising appointment with OISP to receive the permit to register for the course.
  • Office of International Studies and Programs
  • Business Office
  • Risk Management
  • Export Controls
  • Health and Wellness

The orientation should last no longer than two hours and you will receive important documentation during that time for your trip. To schedule your attendance, please visit Pre-Departure Orientation for Study Abroad link to complete the process. Please be aware that this is a required step to attend any study abroad program and those who do not complete it, could jeopardize the opportunity to be a part of their program.

12.  Complete and submit Form OISP-199, Evaluation of your Study Abroad Program within two weeks of return.

While Abroad – If any issues or concerns arise while abroad, please contact the faculty member as soon as possible. If, by any chance, you are having issues with anyone while abroad, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Studies & Programs. You can reach us via email or by phone.

This page was last updated on: November 29, 2017