Procedures for Faculty

  1. Inform and advise the Chair of your department regarding your plans in teaching abroad.  Discuss with Chair and ultimately, the Dean on how the salary will be paid for teaching a course or courses abroad. This should be done as early as possible. We encourage you to start this about 10 to 12 months prior to the planned departure date. Please read Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's policies on study abroad course.
  2. Once pre-approval has been received by your college, prospective Faculty Leaders are encouraged to meet with the Office of International Studies & Programs to hold a program development meeting and initiate the process of holding a faculty-led program with TAMUK. 
  3. Apply for a passport! Visit for application procedures and submit your application directly to the Office of International Studies & Services as it is an approved Passport Acceptance Facility. It is also recommended to ensure that your VISA and immunizations are up-to-date for the proposed country of the program. Please visit the Department of State's website for this information and to verify that there are no travel warnings on the selected country for the program.   
  4. Submit the completed program proposal packet that includes the; course approval form, faculty-led budget worksheet to OISP.  
  5. OISP will submit all completed program proposals for that academic year to the President's Office for review and final approval. Program proposals can only be submitted to the President for approval twice within an academic year (fall and spring semesters). 
  6. A service-learning grant may be available for TAMUK programs. If your program integrates citizenship values into education by involving students in community service, as a requirement, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Jaya Goswami for detailed information. If awarded, monies from this grant can go to support the travel and project of the group to help reduce the overall costs assessed to the participating students. 
  7. Once final approval for your faculty-led program has been received, you will work with OISP to begin preparing all program logistics (airfare, lodging, transportation, excursions, etc.). This includes communication between the Faculty Leader and host institutions and/or program providers, any reservations made on behalf of the program and the request of payments processed for wire transfers among other support services.  
  8. Faculty Leaders are encouraged to start the recruitment process at least 8 to 10 months prior to the planned departure date. Announce the program to students in your classroom and encourage interested students to apply for the program by following procedures/steps listed at Procedures for Students page.
  9. Faculty-led programs are open for registration up until 30 days prior to the departure date or once the airfare for the program has been purchased. After that time, no additional students are able to join the program for risk management purposes. OISP will meet with you at 60 days prior to the departure date to review the current enrollment standings. 
  10. TAMUK requires a minimum of 10 undergraduate students or 5 graduate students for academic courses to be held. If a faculty-led program, undergraduate or graduate, has students registered but does not meet the minimum requirement, a signed “low enrollment” form along with an updated Faculty-Led Program Budget Worksheet (section II only) must be submitted by the 60-day mark of the program.  If approved, any expenses not covered due to the adjustment of the program budget will be the responsibility of the faculty or the academic department. If a course does not have any registered students or does not get approval for the low course offering by your Dean, the faculty-led program will be removed from the offering schedule for that semester. 
  11. Once your faculty-led program's registration has been confirmed, you will need to submit your travel request through Concur as per University policy. Please list your "Travel Classification as Student-Foreign Travel; "Traveler Type" as Faculty with Students and the "Student Travel Activity Type" as Study Abroad. OISP will send the specific program account number and the tentative list of expenses based on the approved "Program Budget Worksheet" for encumbrances. Please note, Export Controls requirements must be completed and attached to the travel request before submission for approval. No services for the program can be paid on your university travel card until this process has been completed. 
  12. Faculty Leaders are required to complete the following online training programs thru TrainTraq: "TAMUK Travel Policy Training" (Course #2112567), "Export Controls & Embargo Training-Basic Course" (Course #2111212), "Safe Passage Presentation" (Course #2111728) and "U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" (Course #2113639). You will also need to complete the "Haven for Faculty & Staff" course online through their JNET account. Trainings must be completed on an annual basis and within the same academic year of the program. 
  13. You will be responsible for scheduling at least one (1) program specific orientation for your registered students at least two (2) weeks prior to the departure date. During this orientation, Faculty Leaders will need to review their itineraries, syllabuses, flight schedules, and all in-country logistics for their faculty-led program. A representative from OISP can be there upon request. 
  14. Prior to the program departure date, you will attend a pre-departure meeting with OISP to complete a program overview including program risk management and a review of the final program budget.  
  15. You and OISP will meet for a program debriefing to complete a program evaluation and review the program account reconciliation steps within two (2) weeks after the return of the program to campus.  

Please note:

  1. Faculty Leaders that are under doctor’s care or have medical conditions must obtain a written medical release form from their physician approving travel out of the country.
  2. It is recommended that all faculty leaders attend the required OISP WS 104: "Pre-Departure Workshop" for students and non-credit participants, which will include several aspects, including the TAMUK Student Code of Conduct for Students, Export Control, Title IX, Risk Management, and Cultural Awareness.
  3. Faculty Leaders are required to travel with students at all times upon departure and arrival of the program.
  4. While abroad, teach and coordinate program-related activities.  
  5. Conduct presentation of the Faculty-Led program to Faculty, Staff, Students, and Community.

This page was last updated on: December 10, 2018