Procedures for Faculty

  1. Inform and advise the Chair of your department regarding your plans in teaching abroad.  Discuss with Chair and ultimately, the Dean on how the salary will be paid for teaching a course or courses abroad. This should be done as early as possible. We encourage you to start this about 8 to 10 months prior to planned-departure date.   Please read Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's policies on study abroad course.
  2. Apply for passport, please visit for passport service.
  3. Submit a copy of Agenda or Schedule of Study Abroad Program Activities to OISP
  4. Provide course approval form along with syllabus to the Office of International Studies & Programs (OISP)
  5. There is a service-learning grant available for TAMUK programs. If your program integrates citizenship values into education by involving students in community service, as a requirement, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Duane Gardiner for detailed information.
  6. Contact OISP to prepare a budget and collaborate closely with OISP in creation of a promotional flier.
  7. Announce the program to students in your classroom and encourage interested students to apply for the program by following procedures/steps listed at Procedures for Students page.
  8. OISP along with faculty members will prepare all program logistics. This includes communication between host institution, program payments, preparing requisition for money wire transfer among other services.
  9. TAMUK requires a minimum of 8-10 students for all Faculty-Led Programs in order to cover faculty travel expenses.  A minimum of 17-20 students is required if 2 Faculty will be teaching within the same program. A signed “low enrollment” form is required if less than the minimum number of students enroll.  Any expenses not covered will be the responsibility of the faculty or the academic department.
  10. Provide OISP a list of student participants at least 2 months before program departure date and encourage the students to file Form OISP-100, Study Abroad Application asap.
  11. Encourage students to make plans to make installment payment toward the study abroad program.
  12. Collaborate with OISP to establish payment deadlines.
  13. Since August 15, 2016, all employees are expected to complete the Haven for Faculty & Staff course. This online educational course addresses the dual role of preventing and responding to acts of sexual misconduct. It provides clarity on your reporting responsibilities.  To fulfill this requirement, you need to sign in at Click on the "Employee" tab and locate "Employee Quick Links," click on "Haven for Faculty & Staff" to access the content.  Please register with your university email address.

Please note:

  1. Faculty members that are under doctor’s care or have medical conditions must obtain a written medical release form from their physician approving travel out of the country.
  2. Submit Leave Travel request via concur
  3. Participate and present during the required pre-departure orientation, which will include several aspects, including International Studies Handbook, Export Control, Health and Wellness, Risk Management, and Finance.
  4. A faculty member is required to travel with students at all times upon departure and arrival of program.
  5. While abroad, teach and coordinate program-related activities.  
  6. Meet with the OISP to do program evaluation and assessment a week after return from travel.
  7. Conduct presentation of Study Abroad Program to Faculty, Staff, students and Community.

This page was last updated on: July 11, 2017