Welcome to the Javelina Family!

We are delighted that you are joining the Javelina Nation!  TAMUK is committed to your success as an active member of the international Javelina family.  Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to arrive early--at least ten days or two weeks before classes start.  This will give you time to adjust from travel, become familiar with your new surroundings, and provide adequate time to make arrangements for banking and housing.  Early arrival is also crucial for your timely participation in International Student Orientation. 

Please explore and read the information accessible by clicking the blue buttons (on the right).  These are quick link resources that include a flowchart that contains vital information that will assist you in understanding the processes before, during, and after you arrive

International Student Orientation is where the Javelina tradition really starts!  It is a vital step toward successful transition into your new “home away from home”!  Orientation provides important information regarding your stay as a student, campus resources, and services in the community.  A few of the topics discussed will be academic expectations, immigration regulations, programs, safety, and support services at TAMUK. There are two mandatory sessions: the online pre-arrival orientation process that must be completed and the Face-to-Face orientation session by Tuesday January 10, 2017.  You must register for this as explained below. All new international students must complete both orientation sessions before beginning their first session or semester;

There are two mandatory orientation sessions that require completion.  The first part is an online, pre-arrival orientation process which must be completed prior to your arrive at TAMUK.   The second part is a Face-to-Face orientation session that will be held Tuesday, January 10, 2017 (for summer matriculation) in the MSUB Ballroom from 8:30am – 2:30pm.  Both parts are required and must be completed to avoid penalties such as account holds that delay or prevent course registration.

Undergraduate International Students should attend Hoggie Days orientation.  To register, please email: orientation@tamuk.edu for further instructions.  In addition, undergraduate students must complete the online pre-arrival orientation process as explained above.  If you do not attend Hoggie Days or Transfer Thursday, you must also attend the Face-to-Face international student orientation that will be held Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

Graduate International Students are required to participate in the two-part orientation. 

For I-20 or immigration related issues, please e-mail international.services@tamuk.edu.

When you are ready to proceed to instructions for Pre-Arrival online orientation, click the link below: 

Orientation Registration