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  • Where do I get my student ID card*?
    • Memorial Student Union Building, 1st Floor Card/ID Center

*REQUIREMENT:  You must have completed the ONLINE PRE-ARRIVAL ORIENTATION at least 24-48 hours prior.

  • Where do I get my Ku# & TAMUK email?
    • Memorial Student Union Building, 2nd Floor, Mesquite Room (prior to first day of class)
    • Jernigan Library, 1st floor, (on or after first day of class).
  • How do I obtain Wi-Fi access?

To obtain campus JavNet Wi-Fi access, you must first have a K# and a ku#. The general password is tamukjavelinas, however, an online prompt will have you log in with your K#’s. If you are having connection issues, please call iTech, or visit them in person at the Jernigan Library.

  • I have a hold on my account. What can I do?
    • HOLDS are placed on student accounts for various reasons. For an orientation hold, make sure you have FIRST completed PRE-ARRIVAL ONLINE ORIENTATION.  If you have completed it and an orientation hold still exists, please contact International Student Services (Cousins Hall 925 W. Santa Gertrudis), or the Office of Student Activities (Javelina Student Engagement Center 1119 W. Santa Gertrudis). For an academic hold, speak to your advisor or someone in your department (College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, etc.) For a financial hold, speak to Financial Aid or the Business Office. All phone numbers can be found online.
  • Where is the closest grocery market? What other grocery markets are available?
    • HEB* (409 E Kleberg Ave, Kingsville, TX 78363)

        Food & groceries, household items, pharmacy, etc.

    • Walmart* (1133 E General Cavazos Blvd., Kingsville, TX 78363),

Food & groceries, clothing household goods, pharmacy, auto products & services.

            *HEB and *Walmart have fresh fruits and vegetables and are your best option for food choices

  • Pharmacies (limited food & household items) 
    • CVS (1000 E. King Ave., Kingsville, TX 78363) 361.592.9397
    • Walgreen’s (912 E. King Ave., Kingsville, TX 78363) 361.221.9714
  • General Discount stores:  (limited food & household items):
    • Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar

TAMUK offers a bus service to HEB, Walmart, CVS, and other locations. A list of times and locations can be found online at http://www.tamuk.edu/bgexpress/.

  • What banking institutions are available in the area?
    • There are some advantages and disadvantages banking with certain banks.  Statistically, most students at TAMUK bank with Wells Fargo because it is nation-wide, and there is a branch in Kingsville. The second most popular choice is Bank of America because of the ease of wiring money.   However, the closest Bank of America branch location is a drive of between 30-45 minutes to the Calallen area of Corpus Christi (near Robstown). There are also other local banking options that students may prefer to use out of convenience and/or location.
  • What are my housing accommodation options?
    • Most international graduate students reside off campus because it’s more economically feasible. A simple google search can be beneficial for apartment searching. The Office of Student Activities International Coordinating Office and the Office of Residence Life (Lucio Hall) has a current list of apartments available in town. Popular choices for TAMUK students include Kingsville Legends, Javelina Station, and University Squares apartments because of their close proximity to campus. There are many others, including those under construction that may offer competitive pricing and clean living quarters. 
  • How do I get a job?
    • Jobs on campus are very competitive. Open an account, and apply online www.tamuk.edu/csc.  However, a campus job is not guaranteed. TAMUK Career Services assists with Resumes, Cover Letters, etc. in Eckhardt Hall, where you can make appointments for such things.   Utilize their online resources for further information.
  • How do I apply for a scholarship?
    • Apply for scholarships online at https://tamuk.academicworks.com . Please note: not all scholarships are available for graduate students, and all scholarships are competitive.  Check with your academic department, too. 
  • How do I join organizations?
    • Log into Blue and Gold, click on Collegiate Link (note: you must unblock your pop-ups). There, you can find all campus organizations, all of which are open for you to join.
  • How do I earn community service hours?
    • Most students earn community service hours through their affiliated organizations. If you are not in any organization, it is suggested you join one, as opportunity is greater. The Office of Student Activities has a community service/volunteer sign-up sheet for ACTIVE MEMBERS of the International Student Organization (note: earned hours given at the discretion of organization leaders and advisors. Hours are not guaranteed.)

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Telephone: (361.593.2760)

Visit:  Javelina Student Engagement Center -- 1119 West Santa Gertrudis St.