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You may click on the video links below to view the videos or choose to view a printable PDF. For the videos, a buffer will begin to load while you watch the video. As the buffer has loads, you may click anywhere in the timelime to move forward or backwards. A fullscreen viewing option is also available. These options are available by hovering your cursor over the video.

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Tutorial Title

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How to sign up for Emergency Notifications  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to change your password  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to access and activate your student email (new users)  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to access your student email (returning users)  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to find your Banner ID  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to find your User Name  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to submit a helpdesk ticket  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to setup TAMU-K student email on an iPhone  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to setup TAMU-K student email on an Android phone  Printable PDF  Watch Video

How to use Microsoft OneDrive  Printable PDF  Coming Soon

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