Blackboard Learn 9.1

What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn 9.1

Blackboard Learn technology helps you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. Breathing life into educational content.  Bringing efficiency to day-to-day tasks. Empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner. Motivating them on the devices they rely on. Promoting collaboration and streamlining processes.

You’ll have the right toolkit—one that is proven and constantly evolves to meet your needs. It will be flexible and easy to use—from managing content, engaging learners to assessing outcomes. And Blackboard will help you manage change and increase adoption.

Effective online and blended learning requires much more than just a framework for putting courses online. Blackboard Learn™ is the only comprehensive technology platform for teaching and learning, community building, content management and sharing, and measuring learning outcomes.  All surrounded by reliable support staff and programs. Blackboard Learn consists of integrated modules, with a core set of capabilities that work together.

Course Delivery
Blackboard Learn for Course Delivery can help you deliver efficient and engaging instruction in an online or blended course environment.

Content Management
This is the complete technology toolkit that delivers a cost-effective learning experience across your institution or district, in and beyond the classroom.

Higher Ed
Available for Higher Ed, Blackboard Learn for Outcomes Assessment adds another module to the Blackboard Learn solution, introducing a core set of assessment capabilities that work together.

Outcomes Assessment
Built for Higher Ed, Blackboard Learn for Outcomes Assessment provides institutions with a comprehensive assessment management solution to measure and improve student learning.

How do I log in to Blackboard Learn?

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Blackboard Login Instructions This tutorial can be used to inform both students and faculty on how to login to Blackboard and/or find login information.

To log into Blackboard Learn 9.1 Click Here.

How do I use Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard's On Demand Learning Center - Is a collection of excellent support material developed by Blackboard. There is a selection of short videos to assist you with any task at hand. Simply visit to take advantage of great material for students.


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