IT Strategic Plan


The mission of iTech is to provide leadership and guidance for the implementation and maintenance of technology tools and infrastructure, the management of secure technology environments with access to administrative, learning, and research resources, and the technology support that facilitates the achievement of academic and professional goals by students, faculty, and staff.


Information Technology at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will continue to facilitate the strategic use of technology to empower students, faculty and staff to achieve their goals as scholars, educators, and employees. Information Technology will strive to provide state of the art technology resources in a secure, efficient environment.

Guiding Principles

  • Academic Excellence - Information Technology cultivates an environment that enhances and enriches learning, teaching, research, and other creative activities
  • Access - Information Technology provides students, faculty, and staff with effective access to current technologies appropriate to their educational needs and/or professional responsibilities
  • Communication - Information Technology provides an environment for enriched engagement and communication
  • Customer Service - Information Technology delivers excellent customer service
  • Governance - Information Technology operates in a transparent, accountable manner by providing opportunities for input and feedback
  • Planning - Information Technology resources are prioritized for sustained acquisition in support of and in alignment with the University mission and strategic goals
  • Professional Development - Information Technology provides opportunities to acquire and enhance the skills needed to keep pace with changing technologies
  • Security - Information Technology provides services and support that protect the University’s information resources

Strategic Plan

An Information Technology strategic plan delineates technology initiatives and direction for the institution and goes beyond the operations of iTech. Although iTech is charged with implementing most of the Information Technology strategies, the plan encompasses the entire institution and is not limited to iTech projects. Annual updates to measure progress on existing goals and strategies and as appropriate, add new strategies, will be made through the Institutional Effectiveness Planning Process as the technology environment of Texas A&M University-Kingsville changes.

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