Department of Human Sciences

The Department of Human Sciences prepares students for careers in business, Texas Agrilife Extension Service, dietetics, community nutrition, food service management, fashion and interiors merchandising, family and consumer science education, social services, child care and elder care. Demand for graduates in human sciences is strong in these important professions that are well suited for those who desire to enhance the well being of individuals, families and communities. Within the department, emphasis is not only placed on acquisition of basic knowledge and concepts related to human sciences disciplines, but also on development of leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and research skills that will enable graduates to emerge on the cutting edge and help them make significant impact on the lives of others.

The department also houses the Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children where students gain hands-on experience working with preschool age children and their parents in a closely supervised setting.

This page was last updated on: March 9, 2018