Honors Courses


(All students are in the HC)

BIOL 1306 - General Biology I (lecture and recitation)

CHEM 1311 - General Inorganic Chemistry I (lecture only) 

CHEM 3323 - Organic Chemistry I (lecture)

HIST 2321 - World History to 1500

UNIV 1101 - Honors Sections (3)

    HRA - Engineering students only

    HRB and HRC


What is an Honors Course?

Honors College students take the courses that are needed for their individual degree plans, but they can also take Honors sections of them.  An Honors course can be made for just about any Texas A&M University-Kingsville course. 

The Honors courses provide a more in-depth look at the subject matter.  These courses are taught in ways that transcend the traditional lecture, allowing for more interaction between the individual student, faculty and fellow Honors students.  Innovative teaching methods are encouraged.  Field trips have been included in some of the courses.

There are Two Ways to Earn Honors Credit

Honors Sections:

Students take Honors course sections which are open to Honors College students only.  These sections are small in size allowing more interaction within the class.

Example:  HIST 2322, HR:  Development of World Civilizations, Fall 2015

The students in this course took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Houston and then presented information to the TAMUK Campus when they commemorated National Days of Remembrance with an evening of poster presentations and a viewing of the film Schindler’s List.

Honors credit by contract: 

Students may contract with a Professor to earn Honors credit for a non-Honors course.  The Honors student is still in the regular section of the course but is given an additional, in-depth Honors project to complete.  (See examples of contract projects in this section of our website.)


How Many Honors Hours are Required?

To graduate through the Honors College, the student must complete the following Honors credits.  All courses taken are based on the individual student’s degree plan and interest.

  • Students with 0 to 29 credits are required to take 24 hours of Honors credit
  • Students with 30 to 59 credits are required to take 18 hours of Honors credit
  • Students with 60 and above are required to take 15 hours of Honors credits

The official number of Honors credits required will be determined by the Honors College. 

Students can take up to two Honors courses (section and/or contracts) per semester.  Honors students are required to take at least 3 credit hours as Honors per fall and spring semester.  A student can request a waiver of the 3 Honors credit hour rule by consulting with the staff of the Honors College during the registration process.

When a student takes a TAMUK course as an Honors course, the credit hours are counted toward their total requirement.  For example, if a student takes Honors sections of CHEM 1311 (General Inorganic Chemistry I - lecture) and CHEM 1111 (the linked laboratory), this counts as four of their required Honors course total.

Every time an Honors course or contract is completed, it is listed on the student’s transcript as an Honors course.  After completing the required hours and the senior project, and upon commencement, the student’s transcript will also be stamped that they fulfilled the requirements of the Honors College.  These listings make the students more competitive when applying for graduate schools or job positions.


GPA Requirement While in the Honors College

After being accepted into the Honors College, the student must maintain a 3.25 GPA throughout their degree program even in semesters they are not taking Honors courses.


This page was last updated on: February 10, 2016