Current Students - What You Need to Know

Brief Overview of the Honors College Requirements and Opportunities

Member of the Honors College at Texas A&M University-Kingsville are required to take a set number of TAMUK classes as Honors credits; maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25; and complete a senior project which is presented at the Honors College Senior Project Symposium during the student's senior year at TAMUK. See Part I of the Honors College Student Manual for more information.

The Honors College Student Manual

This resource manual provides information that all Honors College students need to know to maximize their education and stay in good-standing with the college.  Opportunities to enhance the student's personal and professional capabilities, as well as, the requirements to graduate from the Honors College are outlined. The information is presented in three parts:

Part I - Requirements: Course-Credit Requirements, Non-Credit Requirements, and Graduation Check-Out

Part II - Opportunities: Non-Credit Opportunities

Part III - Senior Projects: Getting Started, During the Research Process, Presentations, and Project Manuscript

The manual also includes style directions and sample forms/formats in the Appendices section.

                                             The Honors College Student Manual (Summer 2016 edition)

Note: The Honors College Student Manual will be updated each summer. Students who joined the Honors College before Fall 2017 will be under the requirements as presented in the Summer 2016 edition.

The Deadlines for the Honors College Senior Project

Deadlines are set for each semester for those students presenting their Senior Project. 

Students may complete and present their Senior Project a semester early than their actual graduation semester. If the student notifies the Honors College that they wish to present early, they must follow the appropriate semester deadlines.




Honors Sections Offered in Fall 2018 (All students are in the Honors College)

ANTH 2301 - Introduction to Archeology

BIOL 1306 - General Biology I - HR1 and HRL (lecture and recitation)

CHEM 1311 - General Inorganic Chemistry I - HR1 (lecture only)

HIST 1302 - American History since 1877

UNIV 1101 - Three Honors sections:  HRA, HRB and HRC


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