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Registration Eligibility

Hoggie Days sessions are for first-time in college freshmen or transfer students who have less than 12 transferrable college credits. Students who are eligible to register for a 2015 Hoggie Days session must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be officially admitted to the university as a new student
  • Must be a first-time college student who has not attended a full semester of college after high school graduation (not including dual enrollment students)
  • Must have high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores on file with the Office of Admission

Hoggie Days is mandatory for first-time in college freshmen and new undergraduate students who have  less than 12 transferrable college credits. These students will not be able to register for classes without first attending a Hoggie Days session. After successful online registration, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail to the address listed. Please check your e-mail frequently as this will be our primary means of communication.

Admitted for Summer 2015

Summer Session: May 27

Hoggie Days session is designated for freshmen who are admitted for Summer 2015.

Students who are admitted for the summer and planning to enroll must attend this Hoggie Days session in order to register for classes.

Admitted for Fall 2015

Two-Day Fall Sessions: June:11&12, 22&23, 25&26, 29&30. July: 6&7. August: 3&4   

Students registering for a two-day Hoggie Days session are required to attend both days, and overnight accommodations in one of our residence halls will be provided for students who attend a two-day session. Our student orientation leaders plan additional evening activities for students who stay on campus, and it is an extended opportunity for students to hang out with new friends. Students are encouraged to say the night on campus, but it is not required. Family members and other guests of the student should make arrangements at one of the hotels near campus as on-campus overnight accommodations are for students only. For a list of hotels in the area, please click here.

One-Day Fall Sessions: August 14, 21 

One-day sessions typically begin around 7:30 am and conclude around 4 pm. On-campus accommodations are not available for students attending a one-day session. Students and their guests/families can make arrangements at one of the hotels near campus if they need to stay the night before the session. One-day sessions cover the same important information provided at two-day sessions and are only different in terms of the overnight on-campus experience.

Admitted for Spring 2016

Spring Session: TBA Registration opens fall 2015.


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