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Registration Eligibility

Hoggie Days sessions are for first-time in college freshmen or transfer students who have less than 12 transferrable college creditsStudents who are eligible to register for a 2015 Hoggie Days session must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be officially admitted to the university as a new student
  • Must be a first-time college student who has not attended a full semester of college after high school graduation (not including dual enrollment students)
  • Must have high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores on file with the Office of Admission

Hoggie Days is mandatory for first-time in college freshmen and new undergraduate students who have  less than 12 transferrable college credits. These students will not be able to register for classes without first attending a Hoggie Days session. After successful online registration, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail to the address listed. Please check your e-mail frequently as this will be our primary means of communication.

Admitted for Summer 2016

Summer Session: May 23, 2016

One-day sessions typically begin around 7:30 am and conclude around 4 pm. On-campus accommodations are not available for students attending a one-day session. Students and their guests/families can make arrangements at one of the hotels near campus if they need to stay the night before the session.

Admitted for Fall 2016

Two-Day Fall Sessions: June 20&21 23&24 27&28 30&July 1 7&8 18&19 August 1&2 8&9

One-Day Fall Sessions: August 12, 16


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