The Health Care Clinic does not accept health insurance. Appointments with the nurse or provider are free and unlimited. Nominal fees are charged for items including, but not limited to procedures, laboratory tests, medications, immunizations and supplies. The Health Care Clinic accepts cash, check, Master Card (credit and debit), Visa (debit only), American Express, and Discover. Students may also bill their student account for any fees incurred. The Health Care Clinic will submit insurance information for laboratory tests that are sent to the lab we are currently contracted with, Clinical Pathology & Laboratory (CPL). The insurance information must be submitted at the time of service. Upon submitting the insurance information to the outside laboratory, the student will then be responsible for any unpaid fees or balances.

Note:  Beginning the last class day of the semester, students will not be able to bill their student account for services rendered at the Health Care Clinic.  Students may utilize the other payment methods noted above. 

This page was last updated on: July 19, 2016