Parent FAQ

What should I do if my student is sick or injured?
If your student is sick or injured, please have them call the Health Care Clinic at 361-593-2904 for an appointment or log on to the student medical portal. The Health Care Clinic provides basic Family Practice care. Our facility includes Ambulatory, laboratory and Class D Pharmacy services. Those students requiring imaging studies (x-ray, ultrasound, CAT Scan, MRI) may be referred to off campus providers.

What if my student is unable to make an appointment?

Appointments are often filled days in advance. Walk-Ins are limited and seen on a first come first serve basis. Walk-ins with non-urgent issues may be asked to make an appointment or asked to return to the clinic at a later date or time. Students are encouraged to bring a current student ID to all appointments.

If the student needs medical attention today, here is a link to local providers.

Can my student be seen by a provider as a walk-in?

Walk-Ins are limited and seen on a first come first serve basis. Walk-ins with non-urgent issues may be asked to make an appointment or asked to return to the clinic at a later date or time. If your situation is an emergency, visit Christus Spohn Kleberg Hospital 1311 General Cavazos, Blvd. (361)595-1661.

Where can my student get a prescription filled?

If necessary, a prescription is provided to the patient at the time of visit.  Prescriptions can be filled at any local pharmacy (attach link for local providers).  The patient may also utilize the Health Care Clinic Class D Pharmacy.   Basic antibiotics, creams, and pain relievers are available for purchase with a prescription from our providers.  Medical insurance is not currently being accepted as payment for the Class D Pharmacy medications at SHW.

What if my student needs laboratory testing?

The Health Care Clinic utilizes a CLIA waived laboratory and is contracted with an outside vendor.  If the student pays out of pocket, laboratory tests range from $3.00 to $53.00 (prices subject to change). If a patient opts to pay for the labs using medial insurance, full price of each lab test will be charged by the lab. 

What if my student needs specialized services not provided by the Health Care Clinic?

The Health Care Clinic will refer patients to specialists in Kleberg and Nueces counties.  Students must make an appointment with the provider in order to obtain a referral.

What if my student is under the age of 18?
By state law, the Health Care Clinic cannot treat students younger than 18 years of age without parental consent.

The parent must complete a Parental Medical Consent Form and return it to the Health Care Clinic.  Once you have completed this form, you do not have to accompany your student to their appointment.

The form can be obtained by visiting the Health Care Clinic or calling 361-593-2904.  Once the form is completed, it may be faxed back to our clinic at 361-593-2093.

Parent Consent Form

Do I have access to my student’s medical records at the Health Care Clinic?

If your student is 18 years of age or older, privacy laws prohibit sharing information without authorized consent from the patient.  In order for the provider to share information with parents, the student must complete and return the Release of Medical Records form to the Health Care Clinic.

The Release of Medical Records form can be obtained by visiting the Health Care Clinic or calling 361-593-2904.

In the event of an emergency, the Health Care Clinic will contact you if you are listed as an emergency contact on the student’s medical history form. 

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses that have completed a graduate level education, either a Master’s and/or Doctoral program. Nurse Practitioners hold national certification and are licensed through state boards of nursing.

Nurse Practitioners assess, diagnosis, prescribe, treat, and order laboratory/radiological testing for physical and mental health conditions. Nurse Practitioners individualize patient care based upon their needs and the needs of their family. Disease prevention, patient education, and wellness are core philosophies of the Nurse Practitioner.

To learn more about Nurse Practitioners please visit

What if my student wants to get their allergy shots transferred to the student health care clinic?

The Health Care Clinic (HCC) will consider providing immunotherapy to patients with orders from an outside allergist or immunologist on a case by case basis. Prior to consideration:

  1. The patient will provide the prescribing physician’s orders and administration schedule.
  2. The patient will meet with a HCC provider and receive clearance to have the immunotherapy injections at the HCC. The HCC provider reserves the right to refer the patient to an allergist for further evaluation and immunotherapy.       
  3. Student will review the patient guidelines and consent to receive treatment form.  Link for the Patient Guidelines and Consent to Receive Treatment:  Allergy Injections

This page was last updated on: August 31, 2016