Laboratory and Pharmacy Services

Laboratory Services

The Health Care Clinic utilizes a CLIA waived laboratory for selected in-house labs and is contracted with an outside lab for selected send-out labs.

Please note:

  • Provider orders are required prior to performance of all labs.
  • All send-out labs are performed on a non-urgent basis (results are not received the same day).
  • The Health Care Clinic concludes performance of blood testing and send-out labs on the last class day of the semester, including each summer session.

For information on cost and payment of laboratory services, please visit the Payments section of our website.

For more information about CLIA waived testing please visit

Pharmacy Services

The Health Care Clinic maintains a state licensed Class D pharmacy in accordance with Texas Pharmacy Laws and Regulations. The pharmacy formulary includes antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, musculoskeletal, and gynecological medications.

For more facts about state pharmacies please visit

For information on over the counter medications (medications available outside of the pharmacy and without a prescription), please visit the Over the Counter Medications section of our website.


This page was last updated on: September 13, 2018