Laboratory and Pharmacy Services

The Health Care Clinic utilizes a CLIA waived laboratory and is contracted with Clinical Pathology & Laboratory (CPL).

Cost of the testing is passed on to the student. Laboratory tests range from $3.00 to $53.00 (prices subject to change).

If the student has coverage by medical insurance, that information can be provided to the nurse at the time of the visit and submitted to CPL for billing purposes.

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Pharmacy Services

The Health Care Clinic maintains a state licensed Class D pharmacy in accordance with Texas Pharmacy Laws and Regulations. The pharmacy provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, musculoskeletal, and gynecological medications.

Select medications are sold to the students at a minimal cost. Medications range in price from $3.00 to $35.00 (prices subject to change).

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This page was last updated on: July 19, 2016