Texas A&M University-Kingsville

1. (August)  The Graduate Dean meets with the department chair to go over the self-study instrument.

2. (December)  The department chair submits the completed self-study report that has been approved by the college dean to the Graduate Dean who in turn forwards the report to the Chair of the Graduate Program Review Committee (GPRC)

3. (January)  The Chair of the GPRC convenes the committee members who will review, evaluate, and formulate recommendations based on the self-study reports.

4. (February)  The committee member’s recommendations are sent to the department chair and college dean for a discussion meeting to be held with the committee member.

5. (February)  The committee member completes the final report detailing strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.  The college dean adds his comments to the recommendations.

6. (March)  The Chair of the GPRC writes a report based on the recommendation received from the committee members.

7. (March)  The Chair of the GPRC submits the report to the Graduate Council.

8. (April)  The Graduate Council and Graduate Dean may provide input on the report, and the Graduate Dean submits the report to the Provost.

9. (Summer)  The Provost meets with the Graduate Dean and the Academic Deans to discuss the recommendations.

10.  Assessment/Outcome results from the department chair are due to Graduate Dean one year after the program has been reviewed and reported to the Graduate Council.

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