Graduate Council Meeting

October 15, 2009


Faculty Present:  Sue Bradley, Linda Challoo, Rajab Challoo, Jieming Chen, Michelle Garcia, Enrique Massa, Joon-Yeoul Oh, Patrick Mills, Mamoudou Sétamou, George Wagman, Venkatesh Uddameri

Faculty Absent:  LaVonne Fedynich, Thomas Fields, Fidel Hernandez, Roberto Vela Cordova

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

 Dr. Uddameri opened the meeting with discussion of a recent " time and effort policy"  proposal developed by Provost's office.  Four courses (12 credit hours teaching) to be considered as  80% of the  faculty load is a concern and may have a negative impact on the ABET accredited engineering programs. 

Executive Committee    No Report

Curriculum Committee    No Report

Membership Committee    No Report

Program Review Committee    No Report

Old Business:

1.  Graduate Faculty Status:  Should standards be raised?

This item was tabled. Data from other universities will be collected.  

  Graduate Probation/Suspension:  Do we need to change this policy?  If so, how?

The following was approved by the council members:
The program graduate coordinator and department chair will review the affected graduate student's status  on a case-by-case basis and will make recommendations to the graduate office.

Other items will be discussed at our next meeting.


Lecture Series - National Environmental Engineering Lecture Series - October 16
TAMUS Pathways Student Research Symposium – TAMIU – November 13-14
Motion to adjourn at 2:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Linda Challoo