Graduate Council Meeting

February 18, 2010


Faculty Present:  Sue Bradley, Linda Challoo,  Jieming Chen, Horacio Duarte for Patrick Mills, Michelle Garcia, Yu Peng Lin, Enrique Massa, George Wagman, Venkatesh Uddameri

Faculty Absent:  Ashley Bennington, Rajab Challoo, LaVonne Fedynich, Thomas Fields, Fidel Hernandez, Joon-Yeoul Oh, Mamoudou Sétamou, Roberto Vela Cordova

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m.

 Executive Committee    No Report

Curriculum Committee    Committee met and approved the new Criminology Masters Program and the modifications for the College of Education Masters Program.  Graduate Council approved the above Curriculum Committee recommendations.

Membership Committee    No Report 

Reschedule March 18 meeting   It was moved to change the March 18, 2010 Graduate Council meeting to March 25, 2010.  Motion carried.

Old Business:

1.  Graduate Faculty Status:  It was recommended to dissolve the graduate membership re-application process. 

2.  Graduate admission standards:  Council members requested that Dr. Fields enforce the new graduate admission standards (approved by the Graduate Council on September 10, 2009). 

New Business:  Dr. Uddameri reported that Dr. Fields would like to meet with two members of the  Graduate Council to review the graduate membership applications.  Dr. Uddameri and Dr. Hernandez will meet with Dr. Fields to review the applications.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Linda Challoo