Graduate Council Meeting

April 14, 2009


Faculty Present:  Jack Bradley (for Sue Bradley), Linda Challoo, Jieming Chen, Michelle Garcia, LaVonne Fedynich, Thomas Fields, Fidel Hernandez, Enrique Massa, Joon-Yeoul Oh, George Wagman, Venkatesh Uddameri, Roberto Vela Cordova

Faculty Absent:  Ashley Bennington, Rajab Challoo, Patrick Mills, Mamoudou Sétamou

Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m.

Standing Committee Reports

Executive Committee (Dr. Uddameri) –  No Report

Curriculum Committee (Dr. J. Bradley)    No Report

Membership Committee (Dr. Vela) –  Candidates approved by the Membership Committee were approved by the Council.  Incomplete applications should be re-submitted by April 10th.  The committee will review the applications and make a final recommendation by April 24th.

Program Review Committee    No Report

Interim VP Report –  Dr. Fields recommended that the council should be headed by a chair who is a faculty.  He would like to serve as a consultant to the council. 

 There are currently four plagiarism cases.  These cases need to go through due process according to the student code of honor.  Office of Student Affairs is currently revising the code. 

University has been certified for a Bio-Safety Committee which is recognized by MIH.

Student Representative – Mr. Guillermo Cesar suggested for the graduate office to have a full-time formatting reviewer.  Dr. Fields noted that the graduate council can modify the formatting guidelines but it is the responsibility of the students to abide by the guidelines.

New Business Dr. Fields asked for input regarding his recommendations for the reorganization of the council.  He would like to also reinstitute the Research Council which will parallel the Graduate Council. Members were concerned with the increased duties of the chair position.  

Ballots for the new graduate council members will be distributed, after a list of eligible members is acquired.  

Motion to adjourn at 3:25 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Linda Challoo