Graduate Council Meeting

25 March 2008

Members present:  Ermis (for Bradley), Chen, Clapp, Fields, Gresham, Williams, Olivares, Ramirez, Verma, Uddameri, Wagman, Lewis (student rep.), Blair (Student rep.), Bandyopadhyay (student rep.).

Members absent: Brown, Hernandez, Nelson, Sétamou, Vela Córdova, Flores (student rep.).

Meeting was called to order at 2:45 p.m.

Motion to accept minutes from February 12, 2008 meeting approved.

Executive Committee Dr. Fields reported that the “Master’s external paper review report” has been completed. Any reservations or comments to this document should be submitted soon.

Curriculum Committee – Nothing to report at this time.

Membership Committee – Nothing to report at this time.


Program Review Committee –Dr. Clapp provided a draft hard copy of the Master’s Graduate Program Review Report for 2007-2008. Reviews of the Master’s Degree programs in Agribusiness, Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, and Spanish are summarized in the final report. The Master’s Degree program in Early Childhood Education was recommended for continuation while the Master’s Degree programs in Agribusiness, English as a Second Language, and Spanish were recommended for probationary continuation. Detail recommendations for programs in the probationary continuation status provided by the Graduate Program Review Committee and the Graduate Council are provided in the final report.


      Dr. Uddameri suggested changing the wording of the report to indicate and emphasize that the Graduate Committee “recommends” actions to be undertaken by the graduate programs. The legend in the report: “The Graduate Program Review’s Committee’s final recommendations for the four reviewed programs…” should include also “the Graduate Council” as the entity that provides final recommendations.


      A motion to accept the Program Review Report changes was approved.


Dean’s Report –Dean Olivares indicated that new elections for the Executive and Standing Committees of the Graduate Council will take place at the next Graduate Council meeting in April 15.

Student Representatives – No report.

Old Business – Task Force updates

Dr. Uddameri reported that the format changes to “the Doctoral external review” document to parallel the 18 doctoral characteristics set forth by the coordinating board have been completed. Dr. Uddameri will submit the document to Dean Olivares.


Dean Olivares indicated that the 18 doctoral characteristics for each of our doctoral programs should be available to faculty by posting on department’s websites. Designated Graduate Council members were asked to assure that these documents are posted and made available to faculty: Wildlife (Hernandez), Education (Brown), Engineering (Uddameri).


  •  New Business – None

Motion to adjourn at 3:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Dr. David Ramirez