Graduate Council Meeting

20 March 2007


Members present: Ballard (represented by Dr. Fedynich), Bradley, Brown (represented by Dr. Delgado), Clapp, Downs, Faruqi, Fields, Hewitt, Massa, Nelson (represented by Ms. Canales), Oh, Olivares, Shorter, Wagman, Munoz (student rep)


Members absent: Torres, Lewis (student rep)



Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m.


Motion to accept minutes from February 13, 2007 meeting approved.


Executive Committee - Nothing to report


Curriculum Committee - Nothing to report


Membership Committee – Applications for graduate faculty status were submitted and accepted.


Program Review Committee – Dr. Clapp submitted the Program Review Committee report.  Programs reviewed this year were Chemistry, Communication Sciences and Disorders, English, and Natural Gas Engineering.  The committee recommended all 4 programs continue and suggested actions for each program that will help it address weaknesses.  The Graduate Dean will conduct a follow-up in one year to determine if programs have taken recommended steps to address weaknesses.  The Graduate Council voted to accept the report pending clarification of a reported 80% attrition rate of graduate students that enroll in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


Dean’s Report – The Dean announced a workshop on April 21 to help students perform better on the GRE.  Next year’s dean appointees were announced and members were reminded that election ballots had been distributed for next year’s graduate council. 


There has been a lot of concern expressed by faculty about graduate student writing skills.  The Dean reminded faculty that they can set standards and only accept students that can demonstrate adequate writing skills.  Toward this end, the Dean provided a handout describing how to interpret the writing component of the GRE.  He also suggested the need to determine the relationship between scores on standardized writing exams and graduate school performance.


Graduate Council standing committee elections will be held at the April 17th meeting.


Student Representatives – Nothing to report


Old Business – None


New Business – Dr. Olivares passed out tokens of his appreciation to all members of the graduate council.


Motion to adjourn at 3:15 p.m.


Minutes Submitted by:  Dr. David Hewitt