Graduate Council Meeting

17 April 2007


Members present: Ballard, Bradley, Brown, Clapp, Downs, Faruqi, Fields, Massa, Nelson (represented by Ms. Canales), Olivares, Wagman,


Members absent: Hewitt, Oh, Shorter, Torres, Lewis (student rep), Munoz (student rep)



Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m.


Motion to accept minutes from March 20, 2007 meeting approved.


Executive Committee - Discussion of wording to include in the graduate catalog ensued and the Graduate Council approved a motion to include the statement ASupervisors of graduate research projects and Chairs of theses and dissertations have taken measures to ensure that the manuscripts are free of plagiarism@ in the Graduate Catalog.


Curriculum Committee - Nothing to report


Membership Committee B Nothing to report


Program Review Committee B Program review for this academic year has been posted on the Graduate Council website.  Deans of the programs being reviewed, the Provost, and Dr. Olivares will meet in May to go over the report.


Dean=s Report B Faculty shown in the attached chart (posted on the Graduate Council website) were voted to membership on the Graduate Council to represent their College.  Deans appointees for the following year.


Student Representatives B Nothing to report


Old Business B None


New Business B Elections were held for 2007-2008 Graduate Council Standing Committees.  Results are shown in the attached chart (posted on the Graduate Council website).


Motion to adjourn approved.