Minutes from the Graduate Council Meeting of March 21, 2006


Faculty Present: Drs. Ballard, Bradley, Downs, Faruqi, Fields, Hewitt, Martinez, Massa, Nelson, Oh, Olivares, Shorter, Stallone, Torres, Wagman


Faculty Absent: Dr. Estrada


Graduate Student Representatives Present: Mr./Ms. Jaimes, Nava, Hernandez


Graduate Student Representatives Absent: Mr./Ms. Anderson, Gutierrez, Mohanlal


I. †††††† Dr. Massa called the Council meeting to order at 2:50 p.m. in the Blue Room of Sam Fore Hall. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

II. ††††††††† Standing Committee Reports

A.     The Report from the Executive Committee concerned the recruiting trip to Mexico and our cooperative agreement with CONACYT. CONACYT is fertile ground for recruitment for students seeking a degree from a U.S. school; six students applied to TAMUK during the recruitment fair, and 240 requested more information. This recruitment round will benefit several departments on this campus.


Dr. Massa announced an equivalent graduate entry examination called the PAEP taken by Mexican students and accepted by the doctoral programs in Environmental Engineering and Wildlife Science here. Dr. Massa reported that the deans have been made aware of the alternate exam, which is approved by SACS, and that a decision now lies with the departments whether to accept the PAEP in lieu of another graduate entry examination. Each college dean (A/S, Bus. Adm., Ed.,) will have to decide if they wish to accept the examination and note those departments in their college that may take exception.The college dean will then notify the Graduate Dean of their decision.


B.     Dr. Bradley, speaking for the Curriculum Committee, presented the 44 course deletions from the Pharmacy school curriculum, which were passed by the Council.


C.     Dr. Faruqi, speaking for the Membership Committee, asked that the Council approve 25 new applicants, which motion was made and passed.


D.     Dr. Massa announced that the Program Review Report will be submitted to the Graduate Council on 18 April.


III. †††† Deanís Report

A.     The dean announced that all coursework for doctoral candidates must be completed within 99 SCH. Past the 99 hours, the State will not fund graduate courses, with the exception of only specific waivers, which apply mostly to clinical areas.


Dr. Olivares reminded the Council that each college is charged with increasing their student enrollments by 10% this fall 2006.To assist each college in this effort, the CGS has made available to the academic colleges a total of 50 graduate scholarships ($1,000 each) and 28 doctoral assistantships ($13,000 each) to recruit new graduate students for fall 2006.


The issue of providing these scholarships to doctoral cooperative programs what brought up.Dr. Olivares noted that at present, cooperative doctoral programs are not being considered due to the small number of awards that are being made available to our self-standing doctoral programs.However, consideration could be given to providing a limited number of doctoral assistantship to cooperative doctoral programs when those students enroll in courses that are offered by TAMUK.


IV. ††††††††† Student representatives brought up no business to discuss, however, Dr. Olivares informed the council of physical attacks on a group of students, which happen at night with some regularity. When the two police departments in town failed to act with alacrity on this concern, the matter was turned over to Dr. Tom Jackson.


V. ††††† There was no old business to discuss.


VI. †††† Dr. Olivares noted that chairs for standing committees will be nominated from the floor at the 18 April meeting. Members were encouraged to volunteer or to suggest suitable candidates for the positions.


VII. ††† A motion was made to adjourn and seconded at 3:27 p.m. The Councilís last meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18 April.


Respectfully submitted,



Cathy Downs, Ph.D.

Recording Secretary, Graduate Council