Graduate Council Meeting

18 September 2007


Members present:  Bradley, Brown, Chen, Clapp, Vela Cordova, Fields, Gresham, Hernandez, Hewitt, Key, Nelson (represented by Ms. Canales), Olivares, Ramirez, Setamou, Verma, Uddameri, Lewis (student rep), Munoz (student rep), Bandyopadhyay (student rep)


Members absent: Oh, Blair (student rep)


Meeting called to order at 2:45 p.m.


Motion to accept minutes from April 17, 2007 meeting approved.


Introduction of members of the Graduate Council were made.


Executive Committee – Dr. Fields gave a brief summary of issues he felt would be facing the graduate council this year and stressed the importance of the council’s work.


Curriculum Committee – Dr. Bradley presented deadlines for curriculum proposals as follows:

                        College:            September 15

                        Provost:            November 15

The deadline to the provost is the only real firm deadline, but proposals should be submitted soon to give them time to be reviewed by the  department committee, college committee, college dean, graduate dean’s office, graduate council curriculum committee, and the graduate council before recommendations are submitted to the Provost.

New degree plans are due before mid-April 2008.

Curriculum proposal guidelines, procedures, and deadlines are given on the College of Graduate Studies website.


Membership Committee – Dr. Uddameri reported that applications for membership on the TAMUK Graduate Faculty will be called for during the first week of January 2008. 


Program Review Committee – Dr. Clapp reported that the following graduate degree programs that will be reviewed this year:  Agribusiness, Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, and Spanish.  The self-study instrument has already been delivered to the Department Chairs of these programs.  The completed instrument is due to the Graduate Dean by December 3, 2007.  The Graduate Council will begin reviewing the programs in spring 2008. 


            Dr. Olivares explained the Program Review Process.


Dean’s Report

1.    The Pathways registration web site is now open for students and faculty to register to participate in the 5th Annual Pathways Research Symposium scheduled for November 2-3, 2007, on the campus of Tarleton State University.


2.    Dr. Olivares explained the importance of external review of graduate degree programs and polled the members of the graduate council to determine if they would support a task force to investigate the potential of developing an external review process beginning in the academic year 2008.  After some discussion, the Council voted unanimously to accept the concept of external paper reviews.


3.    A Graduate Program Review Guidelines, Procedures, and Timelines Task Force comprised of Drs. Fields (Chair), Gresham, Key, Nelson, and Ramirez was appointed to review the existing self-study master’s program review instrument and to revise it to include guidelines/timelines for external paper reviews.  Recommendations are due to the Graduate Dean by mid-spring 2008.


4.   A Doctoral Task Force comprised of Drs. Uddameri (Chair), Brown, and Hernandez was appointed to review the existing  Doctoral Program Review Process and Guidelines for external reviews and make recommendations for possible revisions.  In particular, the committee is to ensure that there is no duplication of information and that questions are clearly stated.  Recommendations are due to the Graduate Dean in late spring 2008.


5.    Offering of the GRE on campus is on hold due to nation-wide security issues.


6.    All colleges have agreed to raise the TOEFL score to 550 with the exception of the College of A&S who is requesting data for review.


Student Representatives – No report


Old Business – None

New Business – None


Motion to adjourn at 3:55 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Dr. David Hewitt