Graduate Council Meeting

23 January 2007


Members present: Ballard, Bradley, Brown, Clapp, Downs, Faruqi, Fields, Hewitt, Massa, Nelson, Oh, Olivares, Shorter, Wagman, Lewis (student rep), Munoz (student rep)


Members absent: Torres, Camarena (student rep)


Meeting called to order by Dr. Massa at 2:45 p.m.


Motion to accept minutes from November 14, 2006 meeting approved.


Executive Committee - Nothing to report


Curriculum Committee - Nothing to report


Membership Committee – Dr. Brown reported that 70 applications for graduate faculty status had been received.  The membership committee will review the applications by Feb. 5th and a report will be made to the graduate council at the next meeting scheduled for Feb. 13, 2007


Program Review – Dr. Clapp reported that the following committee members have been charged with reviewing the programs indicated:


            Dr. George Gresham  - Chemistry

            Dr. Farzad Deyhim - English

            Dr. Enrique Massa - Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSDO)

            Dr. Lee Clapp - Chemical Engineering


Draft review reports will be submitted to the respective program chairs and to Dr. Clapp by February 2.  After meeting with the program chairs and providing an opportunity for the respective Deans to comment, committee members will submit their final reports by February 23.  Dr. Clapp will write a report based on the recommendations received from the committee members and submit a final report to the Graduate Council by March 20.



Dean’s Report – Dr. Olivares discussed the change in policy regarding fees paid by students reapplying for graduation.  Beginning with December 2007 graduation candidates, there will no longer be a reduced fee to reapply for graduation.  Students who did not graduate in their intended semester and who wish to reapply will pay the same application fee as students applying for graduation the first time.  This represents a significant increase in the cost of reapplication and is being implemented to reduce the number of students each semester who apply for graduation but do not meet the requirements.  Dr. Olivares stressed that both faculty advisors and students need to be more realistic in projecting the semester when a student will graduate.


Dr. Olivares presented a list from THECB that shows graduate programs currently approved at TAMUK, and that may have preliminary approval.


Student Representatives – Nothing to report


Old Business – None


New Business – Dr. Hewitt inquired about a proposal in the College of Ag, NR, and HS concerning the number of doctoral students that must be enrolled for a class to count as a doctoral level course toward the faculty’s teaching load.  The graduate council felt that for doctoral programs to remain effective, faculty should receive doctoral level credit for all graduate level courses taught that have reasonable enrollments.


            Dr. Olivares informed the Council that most of the doctoral faculty members in the Bilingual Education program have recently either retired, resigned, or are on leave.  In order to continue serving the needs of the doctoral students who are close to the dissertation stage, Dr. Olivares will approve on an emergency basis a limited number of faculty in the College of Education to serve on doctoral committees.  The faculty members will serve as “Temporary Doctoral” members of the TAMUK Graduate Faculty for a period of one year in order that they may assist the doctoral students with their dissertations in progress until new faculty members are hired.


Motion passed to adjourn at 3:15 p.m.

Submitted by Dr. David Hewitt